Fun with a grill.

Well, today I had a brush with death. After squirting generous amounts of charcoal lighter fluid on a supposedly out pile of charcoal brickettes, to restart the fire of course, I turned my head for a fraction of a second and POOF!

The charcoal erupted,and from what onlookers said consumed my entire head and back. Ahh, nothing like almost having your face melt to get tha’ole heart going. After dancing around and smacking myself in the head like a bat was caught in my hair, I realized that I was not on fire and was perfectly okay.

Food turned out pretty good though. :slight_smile:

Go ahead rip me apart :slight_smile: see ya

Glad your ok, one suggestion, get a gas grill with a button start.

lol i can see you now.haha. Glad you did not do a Micheal jackson. GAs grills are good untill the start button quits working. Then it can be bad,very bad.

We have a burn barrel in our backyard for whenever we have an overload of empty cardboard boxes that were just too lazy to break down and throw out with the rest of the garbage. So we burn cardboard boxes a lot. Apparently, my dad had put a couple cardboard boxes in the barrel for the next time that we’d be burning boxes. He also threw some gasoline on there just to let it soak in unbeknowest to me.

Well, one day I decided to burn some boxes, I had a bunch in the garage so I took them out back, filled up the barrel, and put some gasoline on there just to help it get started up. Well, let me tell you, there was a hell of a lot of gasoline on that fire that day. Whwew.

Phatman & solo; I gonna look into a gas grill because there is no use turning into the man without a face just for some corn on the cob and

Solo, its funny you said that because the first thing that went though my head after it was over was, " Man, I almost ended up like Micheal Jackson!"lol.

Chris, gasoline!? Ouch! Don’t you hate it when people do things like that and don’t tell you?

Thanks for the replies everyone.

Try one of these: BBQ Grills | Weber Charcoal & Gas Grills

It will get the coals going faster and more evenly, without leaving traces of lighter fluid on your food.

Unless your SO thinks you look cuter without eyebrows.

There are a lot better things to do with a girl than light stuff on fire…OH! You said “grill”. :slight_smile:

If I were there I probably would have tried to see how long I could convince you that your hair was still on fire.

You know, I suggested a new grill and they said the most messed up thing after me almost getting my face burned off. “But the food tastes better on the coals”. LOL. I should have told them it tasted better because a piece of my burned flesh was now melted into the hamburger meat. I’m blessed with a family that keeps things in perspective. :slight_smile:

Mage, there is no way you could have tricked me into thinkin I was on fire, I mean I was stupid enough to almost kill myself but I’m not that stupid. :slight_smile:

tme, thanks for the link. Do you have any problems with yours?