Fun Strength Challenge, and Neat Tricks!!

So, think you’re pretty tough? Wanna build impressive upper body strength and size by using a fun and different way to train?

Gymnists are looked up to for their upper body development (especially shoulders and back) and strength. Not to mention they can do some really cool tricks with their body that leaves everyone in awe. Just doing a handstand is quite impressive to most people and a great achievement to work towards!

So why not train like a gymnist. There are a number of exercises you can do with almost no equipment.

The links below are two articles that give you a number of excercises and techniques for developing a handstand. These exercises are surprisingly difficult not just for balance, but for strength. You may be amazed at what a pansy you are! I know I was.

Volume 1

Volume 2

This is also fantastic training for the abs and stabilizers.

The only piece of equipment they do use are “parallette’s” which you will see pictured in the articles. You could however just use dumbells, so you can try this stuff right now to see if you can do it. It is however nicer to use the parallette’s because they are a little higher off the ground and you can make the diameter of the handles larger therefore reducing the stress on your hands. To make the parallette’s simply follow the directions in the page (very bottom of page) at the link below.

Now go impress some people with your new abilities and improved physique!!