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Fun Spots to Visit in Philly

Hey all,

Taking my lady, mom, and little bros on a trip to Philadelphia in early March. That was everyone’s Christmas present. The main inspiration for the location was Rocky - me and my brothers are huge fans of the movies, and it seemed like a natural spot to go to.

Obviously, we will be running up the art museum steps, and flexing in front of the statue, but besides visiting scenes from the movie, does anyone know of any good spots to visit? I guess there’s several historical sites that we’ll check out, but if there’s any good restaurants or lesser known sites to check out, I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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I hear Nicetown-Tioga is a great place for an evening stroll. Make sure you wear a nice watch and carry plenty of cash. Guarantee you’ll get a serious cardio workout.

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Sounds like a great idea man. Thanks for that. I’ll make sure to include my 10 & 12 year old brothers with me on that stroll. And our 37 year old mother. Wouldn’t want her to miss out on the fun!

The historical museums are pretty cool. However, you will need to buy tickets to see Independence Hall a day in advance or you probably won’t get in. I really enjoyed the Ben Franklin museum; it’s about 4 blocks from Independence Hall. The US Mint is really cool if you are interested in money or manufacturing.

Reading Terminal Market - food, shops, food, and food.

Second Independence Hall and the Mint.

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Make sure you try one of the famous cheese steak places like Gino’s or Pat’s.

They’re across the street from each other. When we went, my wife and two kids, we had one with and one with out from Pat’s, then went across the street and did the same at Gino’s.

We preferred Pat’s with.

But, the best sandwich of the trip was the roast pork and sharp provolone from DiNic’s at the RTM. I hear Tony Luke’s might be better.

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