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Fun Run Training

I have been asked to train a 25 year old girl who already runs a few times a week for about 40 minutes at a time. She wants to be able to run faster for an 8km run which is in 5 weeks. I need to lift her lactic threshold but am wondering if I have enough time to do a periodized training program for her or should I just train her using intervals. Also should I start with some leg strength training? Any advice would be appreciated…

Stick with intervals. Quarters, halves, and miles. Go a bit under goal pace for the miles, a bit faster for the halves, and even faster for the quarters. Example: Goal pace is 6 minute miles. For the mile repeats, I’d go with 5:40-5:50. For halves, 2:40-2:50. For quarters, 78-80 seconds. The thing to remember is that it’s pace work, not really speed work. If the pace starts dropping off over the course of the repeats, you’ve probably overstepped the goal.

Also, I’d be cautious about adding in the intervals quickly. If she’s running 4 times a week now, add in one interval session the first week, one session in the second, two sessions in the third week, two in the fourth, then back to one early in the fifth week, and recovery runs the rest of the week. She should be ready for the event.

I’m currently training a girl for an 8K race, however, we started a while ago, and the race isn’t until May. I think a mix of HIIT type work w/ some distance work is appropriate, leaning a little heavier on the HIIT side until the 1 week mark.


thanks brider I appreciate the advice and will use it…