Fun Ideas/Challenges For 13th Week

My wife and I lift on weekends using six week cycles. Lower body on Saturday, upper on Sunday, each main lifts every other weekend. We condition during the week. Some cycles we also program a third day of light assistance during the week.

I participate in track and field meets on the 13th week (mock or real…I plan ahead). My wife is more into powerlifting. We’ve used it for obstacle course races, swimming challenges, run around and look stupid challenges, etc…We cancel our weekday conditioning and assistance on those 13th weeks.

I’m just looking for ideas for a fun kind of competition on those 13th weeks. We don’t NEED the 13th week. We could just jump into another cycle. But it’s fun to have that week to compete and mentally reset.

Any ideas? Smart or stupid?

That’s cool you’re wife trains with you.
You might be aware of this already but on Jims website in his blog their is a challenge called the “Widow Maker Challenge”. Looks hard. Other than that you could try a different sport like go to a rock climbing gym for a day or hit the trails and go biking,hiking,running. Just get outside and try a new sport. That’s usually what I do. Have fun!

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On his website and on t-nation, you can find an article called “Viking day”.
Could give you some idee.

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Thanks guys, I looked at both suggestions and we’all sort out how we are going to do it.

Paddle boarding racing has been fun too!

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