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Fun Challenge to Other Fatties


Anyone fancy a challenge?

11thNovember-13December-32 day fat loss competition

No starting weight numbers or body fat percentages just who looks the most improved at the end of the 32 days.

If you fancy it jump in this thread and we can start a thread with a poll so we can make it official.

Nice bit of motivation for me tog et in shape for the works christmas do.


so hot right now






Good luck man, if I hadn't just done a 3 month diet myself I would have joined the challenge.


Any takers?


How did your fat loss go? Any tips?


If I hadn't just started coaching for growing, I'd join you lol


It went very well, I used the services of a well known prep coach.

You need muscle. I would focus on cleaning up the diet and get into the habit of lifting heavy things 4-5 times a week. Pick a preset routine like 5/3/1, or maybe something from Kingbeefs "Do This Routine" thread, and progress on it. You can get a LOT out of a basic program and a clean diet from where you are right now, so don't program-jump or be impatient. Do a search for Christian Thibs old diet articles on here, you'll have plenty of info to get you started. Heck, PM me and I'll set up a diet for you myself.


People who are successful, make the decision to be successful on their own

Lead by example and show us how it's done, you don't need a forum-buddy to do it.


The mods let tags like that slip by...