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Fullhouse Longevity


I actually like the fullhouse look not as much as the lean and big look but fullhouse looks quite appealing in my eyes. My question though concerns how long that look can be maintained.

As you age your training efficacy and productivity has to diminish somewhat and keeping the ratio of muscle to fat on the more muscle than fat side has to become more and more difficult to achieve.

For those that choose to go full house all year round and year on year and never lean down will there ever come a point where keeping the bodyfat level in check becomes so difficult that you have to start moderating your diet and training towards a more leaner approach? And if so at what age do you reckon this sort of decision has to made?

Those that train from the outset with the aims of keeping bodyfat in check never have to face that dilemma so this question doesn't really concern them but I am interested in the opinions of those fullhousers on here


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Lift weights stack it with pizza and ice cream take lots of pictures holding phone clasped in both hands from upper chest up showing off your trap gainz, wear tank tops in the pool live the fullhouse life.




It's not hard to be fullhouse when you make minimal progress for years and overeat your maintainence caloric intake. Fast food anyone?


"So it begins, the great battle of our time"



Both options exist as you age if you check this old thread or if pics dont work search google images for

Freddy ortiz now
Harold poole now
Harold poole bob gajda (for both approaches contrasted)

And of course lean frank zane etc

Its a choice


The War of The Fullhouse


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A Long Time Ago, In a Galaxy Far Far Away....

It is a period of aesthetic war. FullHouse trainees, constantly snacking from a hidden base, have won their first victory against the evil Lean Bulk Empire.

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For me it was what standard I admired going in, when I began lifting wasn't impressed with dieted down BBer look, started out with Bill Goldburg, Bill Kaz in mind. At forty and having this type of look for 15yrs having some health concerns myself. As far as diet, I myself do bulk and lean, just don't bulk as much as others, and don't lean out as much as some. I eat everything I can all the time, until I feel like I'm starting to look a little sloppy 25%ish, than protein and veggies till I lean up 12%ish. It ends up being 3mth yo yo diet year round, because I make my living from the sport I have to look fairly fit, otherwise probably wouldn't diet at all.

To me at 240lbs, moving double body weight on the three big lifts, and sub 20min 3 mile time, is more impressive than shredded glutes, but that's my opinion. But for health reasons having to look at implementing new diet plan docs orders, so would like to hear what others are doing year round to keep linebacker look and maintain health. 2cents



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