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Fullforce4 Training Log


Been messing around with different routines lately. I have decided to compete in a strongman comp for fun. This will give me something to really train for. Im currently picking up the eating to really pack on mass/strength and get back up to a more respectable level (I took at fight awhile back and had to cut WAY back down. Needless to say I lost alot of size and strength during that time)

Starting Point

Ending Goal will be
around 210lbs
anywhere from 13%bf an under - then work on getting Bf back to around 10%

Diet will be a carb cycling diet designed by Shelby Starnes from troponinnutrition. I've been working with Shelby for awhile now (good dude)
-I'll have 2 super high days with carbs around 800-1000g's
-2 high where carbs are around 600g's
-3 low days where carbs are around 150g's

Training Split

-Mon- Cardio- Most of the time will be AM walking for around 30mins. Depending on how I feel I will add in a HITT day here and there..

-Tues- Overhead work/ARMS (work Heavy overhead movements. Will switch weekly. Then work elbow flexion an extenion)

-Wed- Dadlift/Squat Day/Abs (will be heavy. Switch back and fourth between DL & Squat as main exercise every week. Reps will stay 5 an under most of the time)

-Thurs- Cardio- Same as monday

-Fri- Back/Chest/light healthy shoulder & upper back work/Abs (lots of DB benching-Floor Press-CHins-Rows ect...)

-Sat- Same as monday

-Sun- Events (will do 4 events each week. Will switch up weight-distance-rest ect..)

Event training day
-600lb Tire Flips 3 x 5 flips for time (18.7sec was fastest time)
-Yoke Walk 2 x 40 (turn around @20yd) yards with 450lbs
-Farmers Walk 3 x 40yds (safe as yoke walk) with only 150lbs - focused on speed and grip strength
-Log Press 3 x Max reps with 130lb log

AM walking 30 minutes

-Seated DB press (no back support)- worked up to 3 heavy sets of 3
-Fat Bar Shrugs 3 x 12
-Side Delt Raise 2 x 12
-Dips (weighted) 3 x 12
-Heavy Hammer Curls 3 x 8

DL/Squat Day
-Deadlift + chains- worked up to 2rep max
-SPider Cmabered Bar Box squat 1 x 8, 1 x 6, 1 x 4
-Reverse Hyper 3 x 12
-Prowler Sprints x 3 (low handles 20yds then high handles 20yds

AM walking 30 mins

Chest/Back/Upper Back
-DB bench worked up to 3 heavy sets of 3
-Pull-ups (strict) 3 x 10
-Low Cable Row with fat bar 3 x 12-10-10
-Dips (weighted) 2 x 12, 1 x 10 rest pasue +4 rest pause +2
-DB Side Bends 2 x 12 + KTE 2 x 15

Later that day I did,
2 minutes of sled dragging with 2 plates then,
5 minutes with 1 plate followed by 8 min walking

-AM walking 30mins