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Full Time Student (Female) | Workout Plan?

I’m currently a fulltime student, pretty hardworking too which means that priorities are important for me. Lately though, I’ve been trying to figure out how’s the best way for me to train to achieve my goals and be dedicated to both studying and training.

One thing is quite obvious, and it is to not have too many training sessions a week - aiming for 3, where any more is bonus. I would like to try something new, simple and a program that gets me to the gym and that I can vary in rep-range and sets, depending on my goal or day-to-day mood.

I am a certified personal trainer, but I could really use some additional tips from the community as we are never outlearned!

My goals are to stay fit and healthy, I like lifting weights, but not aiming for PR’s at the moment. I am decent fit, and want to keep improving my curves, glutes that is (increase volume).

I have best knowledge on legs and glute training, and could use some tips on my upper body days. I’d also love to keep working on bodyweight exercises, especially to achieve chin-ups again - I know many ways to keep working on my chins, so not too much tips needed as it’s pretty basic.

Also nutrition is very requested from my side that are suitable for my goals, especially considering the fact I am a student…

To be honest it’s not that hard to do. My son is full time student and a Resident assistant and holds a 4.0. Plus he finds time to hit the gym on top of that its mostly just about using your time properly.


I would like to add that what might be a issue is the quality of your nutrition if you live on campus and are on a meal plan.