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Full Time Life Diet Change

I used to be very heavy very fat person… I was 13 and weighed 252lbs at my worst had 52 inch waist at 5’3 lol. Was at a huge health risk being this big obviously but, I finally changed mt ways and am now at 195lbs at 5’6.

But I have for about the past year or so been slowly uping my carbs and all that is happening is I am blowing up around the waist again. Everytime I have a cheat meal at say a mexican restaurant I literally gain 10-15lbs by the next day obvioulsy mostly water gain but I feel like shit.

Now to my question what are your opinions on a low carb life style for the rest of my life even… Almost like the adkins diet but would only cosume high quality meat and protein and only carbs I would consume would come from vegetables and dairy products keeping my carbs below 100 a day. Obviously this is just a rough draft of what i am thinking.

But I dont see where it could be a bad thing for me… carbs dont seem to give me any performance boosts to strength or endurance… I am just as strong when shoveling 400 or 500 carbs aday for weeks as I am with taking in almost none and I feel amzingly better on low carb.

More energy, never feel bloated and heavy, and keeps my waist as small as possible which I have horrible love handles so its much help… Opinions.

You could try the Anabolic Diet.

Everybody’s body is different. I’m no nutrition expert, but from what I understand some people tolerate carbs worse than others. This could be the case with you. I don’t tolerate them very poorly, but if I eat high carbs every day then I have a hard time keeping fat off. I also get puffy all the time. I like carb cycling, you could give that a shot. I think the best thing to do would be to experiment with a couple different options and see what works best for you.

Anabolic Diet is one approach, carb cycling is another, or you could do a paleo style diet. I find that I tend to feel wasted in the gym if I don’t have at least some good heavy carb days in my schedule, but it sounds like that may not be the case for you. So I think it may boil down to what you enjoy eating. If you don’t really like carb heavy foods then it should be easy to follow a low carb diet. Personally I love junk food, so I like to find ways to incorporate that into my diet.

The only reason you’d need carbs is:

  1. performance when training
  2. feel like hell without them
  3. bulking

It sounds like none of those may apply to you. so I’d say yeah, go for it.

If you get leaner, you might benefit from more carbs. Maybe. Keep an eye out if your performance goes to hell after a week or two straight of low carbs.

If you enjoy the low carb life and operate better on it then it is a well suited diet for you that you should stick to. A paleo type diet would most likely suit your needs.