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Full Snatch Discussion


I am a big fan of the power clean discussion thread, so I figured I'd start a discussion for everyone elses favorite lift: The full snatch.

Anyone else here addicted? I love the feeling of pulling fast enough to throw a weight over my head.

I think the snatch may, IN SOME CASES, be even more beneficial for speed development than the clean. The execution periods are similar, however, the time to maximum velocity is much less, and the total power generated is second to no lift. The russians went through a great deal studying the relationship between time to peak force and maximal acceleration.

As a result, in sports requiring maximal acceleration (sprinting, jumping, most field sports at some time), the snatch may be an excellent tool.

While it may not resemble much in sport, who can argue that a more explosive posterior chain would be detrimental to athletic performance?


I like the snatch, and I think that it's a wonderful lift for increasing posterior chain power, but I don't think it's the best.

I brought my power snatch up to 205 a while back, a 50 pound PR over when I started, and it did nothing to increase my vertical leap(30-31"). After this, I started experimenting with reactive jump squats and I found they worked a lot better. Also, bounding drills and properly applied plyos have done more for my strength and athletic abilities than snatches have ever done.

So, overall, I like the snatch and believe in its ability to build strength and mass, but I think when aiming for athletic increases heavy squats, GHRs, and track work works much better.



It is my favorite. I've recently backed up on the weight and started focusing on speed. I want to increase my speed in the snatch as much as humanely possible. The weight will take care of its self. For me the road to improvement is in the fastest lane. Again, the most physically satisfying lift for me.
Later gents, jim


Even though I OL too, I couldn't help but laugh at that comment. :slight_smile:


MMMmmm snatch.



I do power snatches pretty often, but I never really do the full snatch. Maybe I lack the girth...I mean, um, nevermind. I'll try it.

Sometimes I do split snatches too. I really like those. Does anyone else do them?


Just started full snatches after watching the commenwealth games, those guys and gals are inhumanly strong.

I am having problems with keeping the bar behind my head in the squat position for the snatch. My arms are always coming forward, What exercises do you do so ou can keep this squat position with your arms behind your head?



Overhead squats will help, also stretching the anterior deltoids and pectorals will be of great help. I recommend doing dislocations with a broomstick.