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Full Rehab Till the End of 2011


Not seeing any improvements with injuries from taking a rest, I am getting back to training. 2 months ago I was regullary going to a phisio, but than I had finnacial problems and had to stop. Soon I will be able to get some professional help once again, but before I do I will to do some good on my own...

So, what's the problem? I have 2 major problems + 1 smaller. From what I know these injuries are from overuse, not from any accident (ligaments are not torn).

  1. Knees - I injured them running a lot and playing tennis. They click, feel very tigh so that I can't withstand seating without straightning them. From what I know my IT band is very tigh, VMO weak...
  2. Elbows - I injured them half year ago bouldering (climbing) and they are still hurting. I can't withstand bending them for longer periods of time.
  3. Lower back - I had injury few years ago. It's quite OK rght now, but could be better, so I will work on core strenght and posture .

After exercising problems agreviate and pain shows up.

Now, what is to be done:

  1. I need to finish diagnosis: I need one more picture of the knees and USG for the elbows.
  2. Gett appointment to a good doctor and a phisio.
  3. Start training.


Fully rehabilitate myself till the end of 2011.


I need to find a way to train wothout agreviating pain, do a lot of stretching, tissue work.


  1. few one leg neagative only squats - feel more pain today
  2. 5 negative only elbow extension with 5lbs dumbell - feel slight pain in one hand, but it felt OK.
  3. IT Band release on the foam roller.



IT Band - foam roller
Quadruped Hip extensions
Swiss ball hamstring curl
Light stretching
Light core exercises

I didn't have much time and didn't have any specific plan. This week and next one I have plenty of work, so I am focusing on basics. Especially I want spend as much time as possible on foram roller and stretvching.


Reading all the logs in here can be demotivating, when you can't train hard. It always happens when you compare yourself to others. Never do that, rather look fot insiration - I say to myself. So I feel more and more like finally moving beyond those injuries. My knees and elbows feel a little bit better today so after work or tomorrow morning I will do some rehab.

As I have different level of pain on my left and right side (both in elbows and knees right is worse) I am not sure what to do - should I train them harder?



Clam shells: 3x20
Side leg rise: 3x20
Elastic band around ankles side walk
3 types of hip extension (quadruped, prone with straight and bent leg): 2x10

IT Band - foam roller
some stretching



Mobility WOD 316 - did full session and it was perfect for my elbows:
1. mobilizations for the elbows and wrists
2. tissue work

And then:
3. overhead triceps exnensions 2x5 9 lbs (slow negatives)
4. biceps curls 2x5 9 lbs (slow negatives)
5. forearm curls (normal and reverse) 2x10 9lbs
5. slede hammer rotations (pronation and supination) 2x10 6 lbs (short lever)

Finished with:
6. ice massage

Currently I have a flue so prabably knee session will be even lighter than last one. I feel rather weak.


Not only I've been sick but also had lots of work. I'm not sure if I can get my self to train today...
I liked my home rehab for elbows - it felt just right. I am not so sure about my knees - I need to find a goos way to strenghten my inner quads without putting force on the joints.