Full Range Handstand Pushups

Hands deeper than shoulders…

I’m still trying to do regular handstand pushups, but I can’t go down all the way.

I <3 Kelly Moore!

She’s amazing…and her integrity is inspiring (puts up great times/loads with impeccable form or not at all).

If you want a HSPU you’ve simply got to grease the groove and be sensitive to maintaining just the right amount of tension in the muscles as you descend and push back up. Also, play around with hand position…but don’t screw with the arch in your lower back. Keep your abdomen braced.

I’ve got one to the floor on a good day and a few sets of 4 about half way down otherwise.

I’m trying to learn to do a handstand without leaning my feet against the wall. So far I suck, I have no balance whatsoever. But my dad used to do handstand pushups with no support, and I think it would be awesome to have that level of balance/coordination/strength.

I do capoeira and while my freestanding handstands are getting there, I can only do partial ones against the wall, so I’m just going to do negatives. Hopefully that should improve things.

That vid was awesome. I definitely want to do some of those. Now all I have to do is get the nerves to be upseide down. Sheesh!

[quote]liftheavy wrote:
Hands deeper than shoulders…

I’m still trying to do regular handstand pushups, but I can’t go down all the way.

I suggest doing the following; I have gymnastics experience.

You need to train handstand holds, against a wall at first and work up to 60 seconds. This will make you more comfortable being upside down and also is the first progression to doing a freestanding handstand.

Then I suggest doing a few handstand pushups (grease the groove method) a few times every day to improve your number and form. These are the ones where you only go down untill your head touches the floor.

Eventually as your number increases in the 10ish area you can start stacking books on each side to give yourself more depth. Eventually you’ll be able to go ALLLLL the way down and all the way up. Completely full range.

The most important thing is to have a solid line of progression excercises and then doing it.

I randomly found out I could do regular handstand pushups a couple days ago. I just can’t keep my balance.

Using a wall counts as the actual excersise? Using a wall makes pushing up a lot easier… I assumed that was the cheater version.