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Full Range Good Morning Video





LMFAO. Mad funny. I haven't touched the Smith in a long time.


Thank god he was in a smithy and not a rack, that would have been stupid.


Wrong. Next time you should WISH that he would've done that shit in a rack. That kind of stupidity does not deserve the chance to procreate.


Man, that one never gets old.


I'm waiting for that to happen with this dumb kid on the leg press machine at my gym...seven plates aside and a three inch ROM. If he dosen't set the stop he's gonna be fucked. Can't decide if I should tell him about the stops or just mind my own business.

Nice bar placement on that stupid shit in the vid...right on his neck. Good stuff.


So funny


I've seen this video many times and I still can't fathom what he was thinking. How did it occur to the kid that he could possibly do anything with that weight? And, no thought to even put on the safety stops??? It does not compute it does not compute IT DOES NOT COMPUTE ITDOESNOTCOMPUTE (circuits fry, head explodes)


My thoughts exactly.

I know what kind of weights I can handle, I don't have a positive idea what my max is, but I could probably guess pretty close.

I DO KNOW, however, that something probably several hundred pounds more than my max would lay me out like that.

What the fuck was he thinking?


The answer is... he wasn't.



http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cRjhfggT-Vo&NR=1 I wish the olympics were like this