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Full Outline of Proposed 1st Cycle

I have refrained from posting for the past 3 years of using this site in order to master the sacred powers of the search function. It has taken me more than a year and half of research to get an IDEA of how AAS and its popular AIs work, but there is still much to learn. About 95% of my research has come from Tnation and Anabolic 2006. Comments, answers, and constructive criticism regarding the below post are welcomed.

Week 1-10* Test Cypionate 250mg E4D
Week 1-13 Adex .25mg EOD (reduced to .125mg for last week)

Test-C: Chose this steroid because of its strong mass and strength building characteristics, Test based so DHT blocker can be used. I would have preferred Test-e due to its slightly milder side effects and water retention but only test-c was readily available by the dealer and my research did not show any significant differences, so I went with it.

*Ive been reading mixed reviews on what the effective cycle length for Test-C is. Some argue that 10-12 weeks is not long enough due to its ester length, while others feel that 10-12 weeks is a sufficient amount of time. Can someone please shed some light on this issue?

Either way, the Adex dosage length will be extend to 3 weeks after the end of the cycle.

DHT Blocker: Looking to get Dutasteride, if that search becomes unsuccessful, Ill be going with Proscar at 5mg/d,

20mg/d of Nolvadex will be used if gyno symptoms are to appear. This dosage will be adjusted depending on the gynos response to the Nolva and eventually stopped once symptoms disappear. It seems to be agreed that Nolva should be used sparingly during cycles, so I will be using it only when needed.

Week 14 Nolvadex 20mg 2x/d
Week15-16 Nolvadex 20mg/d

I plan on building off from my current diet, clean and lean bulking I like to call it. Ill be increasing protein intake from 1.5 to 2gs/lbs. Daily calorie count will be increased from 3800 to about 4800. I have the details on a spreadsheet if anyone is interested.

Currently on AGVT. I plan on continuing this but cutting time in half, therefore doing 2 muscle sets a day and resting half days. My training plans are still a little sketchy since I have never experienced recovery and endurance while on AAS so I have gone off of what I have researched. Once the cycle begins adjustments will be made accordingly.

Nothing that I am not already using, creatine mono, fish oil caps, whey, etc.

Lift hard and fight on!

Cyp dose is 437.5 mg/w. I would go with at least 500. Not a big increase there. I would inject at least 2x/w - say Mon morning and Thurs evening @ 250mg ea. I actually inject test e EOD for smoothest blood levels. PCT can be started after two weeks of no injections instead of the 3 you went with. Blood levels should drop by 1/2 every 6 days or so with this ester. So if you start at 500 => 250 after 6 days => 125 after 12 days => Good to go at 14-15 days.

You might want to front load to get cyp up to speed faster. For 500mg/w, the front load is 680mg on Day 1 followed by regular bi-weekly injects to end of cycle.

500mg/wk min @ E3D max

Test is test. For a SERM PCT I would do a simple 40,30,20,10 with Nolva. Current stats?

[quote]Bigblockin590 wrote:
Week 1-10* Test Cypionate 250mg E4D
Week 1-13 Adex .25mg EOD (reduced to .125mg for last week)

Why so low on the testosterone? Its like getting a blow job and telling the chick you don’t want her to lick your balls and swallow your load! “No thanks baby, just gimmie the run-of-the-mill experience.” If youre gonna do it…do it right.

I would bump the testosterone up to 250mg every third day and front-load. Also up the Arimidex dose to .5mg a day. Your planned Arimidex dose, in my opinion, is pissing in the wind. If you think its too much, you can back off a little. Its better to have achy joints and dry skin for a few weeks than breast tissue growth. I don’t know why everyone is so scared of AI’s?

Test based? Ya think? As for the cypionate over enanthate, 99 out of 100 people would not be able to differentiate between cypionate and enanthate.

Why bother with this if you have no experience with testosterone? Where do you think the strength gains come from when using testosterone, as you mentioned above?

If your AI dose is sufficient, you will not need to use Nolvadex for gyno symptoms. That’s the point of using an AI.

You don’t need to use 40mg a day for the first week. You can front-load on the first day if you would like.

Thank for your input thus far gentlemen. Your recommendations will definitly be applied. Also, I was so eager to make my first post that I feel victim to the number one noob mistake. My stats are as follows,

11-13% BF
4.5 years gym exp.

I have been researching the introduction of a new variable to the cycle, deca. Although I think it would be nice to isolate the Test-C for my first cycle to learn how my body responds to AAS, it seems like this would be a very effective and efficient cycle. Any thoughts/personal experiences?

Thanks in advance fellas