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full name, no longer just an alias


This probably doesn't matter too much but I have been wanting to do this for a while. The forums have changed, enableing me to tag with my actual name. So for those of you that know me by "RS" you may now call me R.S. Rising. I believe anyone who wants to make a career in the fitness industry should be held accountable. I may never be big, I may never want to be. But, as long as I am attempting to give sound advice I should also be held accountable. Don't fire bomb me for any mistakes I made previously but I do respond very well when one points out how wrong I am may be. This also relates to Goldberg's post on everyone posting their picture. I have already done that and will do it again soon after my MAG-10 cycle. I think everyone here should show their face and introduce the real person behind the posts.


I agree RS, I have been contemplating just changing the alias thing o my name.


So, you did this why?


Yeah we saw your face, even your blood right?