Full Fury - 500x4 Paused Squats

Finally did my first meet on July 19, and competed with an injury. Was still able to post a 563 squat weighing roughly 185 lbs (didnt bother cutting to 181 since I was going light). Next goal is to hit a 300kg squat at 181 in January at my next meet.

Since the meet, I’ve worked up to 1 (or more) maximal 5 rep sets. I’ve basically progressed linearly, and the body feels good. I’m back to a point now where I feel like I’m in new territory in terms of strength. Today I hit 2.5x bw for 4 pauses, and will likely be doing this for 10 within a week.

If you have any questions about my experience with daily heavy squatting feel free to ask. I love sharing this information with others (tips, etc.)

Morning bw today was 195.

Also have been doing heavy zerchers daily, to supplement my DL and squat.

Awesome man killer.

Interesting usually you see it recommended to not psyche up when lifting daily. You kind of strike me as the fuck it, get it done type though. I like the mountain dew mid workout.

I sometimes follow that protocol, when i’m in more of a volume building phase. Right now I’m focused on pushing my numbers back up so I’m using a little bit more intensity

Nice work man!