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Full-Fat Foods When Bulking


Twice tonight iv read people's bulking plans and they both had egg whites in them instead of the whole egg and it got me thinking about the benefits of just eating what the animals gave us*. Turkey bacon vs Pork bacon was included just because i was curious and have been eating a lot of bacon recently.

All of the below are in 1 cup (from nutritiondata.com), since many people seem fond of having food in cups. I like plates.

Whole Milk, / Skimmed Milk
Calories - 146 / 137
Fat - 8g / 0g
Carbs - 13g / 19g
Protein - 8g / 14g

(Raw) Whole egg, / (Raw) Egg White
Calories - 347 / 117
Fat - 24g / 0g
Carbs - 2g / 2g
Protein - 31g / 26g

(Raw) Pork Bacon,/ Turkey Bacon
Calories - 128 / 117
Fat - 13g / 0g
Carbs - 0g / 2g
Protein - 3g / 26g

*Today my trained guinea pig served me smoked salmon, clever bugger it is. I ate the guinea pig too.


Looks good overall..I eat the whole egg myself, can't afford to throw food away.


No reason not to eat the whole thing.

Even if you're going to consume them raw.


Eat the whole thing. I usually eat 4-6 whole eggs, and just pour some egg whites from a big ass carton I keep in my fridge (the ready made kind) just for more protein. Sometimes I wash this down with a "healthy 6" pieces of crispy bacon.


The bacon figure is off, obviously. For one, the pork data is only for one slice. And unless you eat all the grease after you cook it, the fat content is reduced to a quarter.

Anyway, I agree. Go whole or go home.


DEFINITELY whole eggs. Defeats the point of eating eggs if you're only going to eat the whites. Don't be afraid to eat a lot of them either.
I'd boil/fry/whatever the eggs if I were you; turns out the protein is more easily absorbed if they're cooked in some way vs. raw.

I'd actually avoid the milk, but if you're going to have it and want to make your bulk as clean as possible you can do this two ways: get whole and drink it with protein/fat meals or get skim and drink it with protein/carb meals.

I'd get turkey bacon just because I'm stupid and paranoid; don't like eating ham because of possible parasite issues if it's undercooked. Too bad legit bacon can't be beat as far as taste goes.


You do know it's almost 2009, right?


dietary fat intake does not necessarily make you fat

people should be more worried about carb intake, especially simple carb intake

these two points need to be crammed into the heads of 90% of the population of western society, the other 10% don't have horrible dietary habits


The low-fat thinking will take many many years to die out... Whole eggs are a great food and its wasteful and stupid to throw out the yolks. if you insist on not eating whole eggs to avoid fat in a P + C meal, at least save the yolks and down them before bed. they are a good relatively slow digesting protein source.