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Full-Contact Twists (WOW)

I did abs today. A few sets of Windmills increasing the weight until I got to an empty 20kg barbell and then I tried Full-Contact Twists for the first time. I was expecting a light fiddely movement like Russian Twists, how wrong I was. Full-Contact Twists are brutal. A question on technique do you like to hold the bar inside the collar (a la Coach John Davies) or at the end of the bar (a la Pavel Tsatsouline). Cheers!

Sorry, this isn’t an answer really, but I find those incline Russian twists in the last T-mag ab article by Christian T. to be MUCH better than both variations above.

Silly question, Always move your grip around. Just whip those hips. Some might call full contact twists a secret weapon.

DARK RENEGADE What do you mean by always move your grip around?

I use a semi-supinated grip when doing fulll contact twists with both hands under the collar of the bar. Hand nearest the collar is in the supine grip poaition and the other hand is in the prone grip position. Hands are about 2 inches apart but this distance depends on your height and preference. This grip makes it easier for me to use my hips to perform the movement and takes out the arms out of it.
Also holding the bar beneath the collar allows extra plates to be added to the bar when needed. Hope that helps.

Could somebody please describe what a full-contact twist is?

Cheers cleansnatch

Use the search engine at T-mag. There have been pics of this exercise a couple of times there.

FYI- Coach Davies believes in moving the grip around, both inside and outside. The key obviously is hard work and variety. Keep the body guessing…