Full Contact Twist

Alright when I set up the directions I read said to line up your feet parallel to the bar. However when I pivot I end up with my feet in a straight line directly in front of each other, like I am walking a tight rope, If the foot farthest from the wall is a little closer to the bar then I end up in a good position. I saw Coach Davies article on the excersise and the guy in the pic looks like he actually moves his one foot. Thanks.

Do it in any position that is comfortable…as long as you are pivioting and moving the weight in a fluid manner. Personally, I like to do these with as much speed as possible.

Either way, always remember that evenyone has different body types and some modifications will be needed.

I do them slow so I can really feel my abs work but my shoulder get tired if I use to much weight. I’m gonna try doing the fast


Nothing wrong with doing them slowly…I’m looking at it from an athletic standpoint rather than a bodybuilding one.

Grazie fratello! What part of Jersey are you from? I grew up in Elizabeth.

South Jersey, right inbetween Philly and A.C.


I have my hip and back foot pointing 45 degrees at the start of the moment and square hip to the front at the end of the moment.

The reason that I do it this way is that it is like a Gyaku Zuki (Reverse punch) in Karate, which is what I practice.

mroussell, no pun intend but be careful with fast full contact twist. I suggest medicine ball side toss if you haven’t been doing fast full ROM trunk rotational movement for a while.

Just make sure to get your abs/obliques/glutes super tight before you ever move; once tight, lock the elbows in and initiate the movement from the hips/obliques.

Make sure to start off light and progress up; I started too heavy and never learned the movement. Once I moved down and did it correctly, it made a world of difference!

Stay strong