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Full College Experience - Alcohol


I'm in my junior year and college and an avid lifter. I have also, in the past, been and avid drinker. However, once I became a little more informed of the effects of alcohol I cut down on it quite a bit, drinking once a week, if that. Recently, though I've found that whether it be 2 beers or 10, the day after I am just ill. This is not so much a hangover as opposed to just feeling like I am coming down with a cold or something of that effect. I have also noticed that sleep just doesn't happen after a night of drinking. I went to sleep last night/early morning and woke up 3 hours later without being able to get back to sleep. Needless to say this does not make for a pleasant day. Due to these effects, there seems to really be no benefit to drinking anymore. By this I do not mean not going out and socializing with friends, but simply not drinking. I have, in the past years, made good progress in the gym, and self confidence is no longer something that comes out only in alcohol. The solution simply seems to be, don't drink! However,the problem I face hear is that so much socializing, especially when it comes to trying to get laid, revolves around alcohol. Regardless of whether it is wrong or right, people are going to be a little uptight around a friend/stranger who goes to a party with a water bottle, protein shake, etc. I have in the past mixed drinks with just straight mixer, however, sometimes it felt as though I was being a little deceiving, as I constantly had the fear that someone would want to try the drink and find me out. I know this is a little long winded, but I was just wondering if anyone out there has any advice/insight to pass along.


I guess this is my moment to shine.

It sounds like your body doesn't like booze my friend, so simply said, DON'T DRINK. (I read somewhere that hangovers are a genetic response, luckily I don't get them).

Anyways, I've been confronted with this situation plenty of times and must admit that at first, I didn't have a damn clue as to what to do, because it does feel awkward, all your friends are drunk and doing stupid things, girls are drunk, and since you're not stumbling around the bar/party walking into things, lets face it... you look like a stiff prick.

So what to do? Yeah, you can go around with fake drinks or water in red cups and in honesty, I think that's acceptible. I've done such things, besides, you go out partying for the night, you will get thirsty. So even though there's been times I've used the red-water-cup, I've never once lied about what I had to drink (I don't lie to people).

Also, I've done the nalgene with protein in it before, don't mix milk with it or it'll start smelling rancid after its warm for about an hour. There's something about carrying a protein drink around a party that gets everyone's attention, so be prepared to tell everyone that "I'm not drinking tonight" about 50 times, because people will be asking you left and right. Incidentally, this also means that plenty of girls will ask you what you have as well, and you have an instant conversation starter (don't use this as a crutch though).

Personal Dilemmas: What to do when you hit it off with a girl who just so happens to be smashed, and you are stone cold sober? I have a belief in that it's wrong to take advantage of a drunk girl. If I'm not just as drunk, I usually can't tell how drunk people are (it's a catch 22... weird). Here's why: when you end up getting "all tore up" you usually don't realize how drunk those around you are and people seem 'normal' when in reality they are smashed (as are you). When you go out SOBER you're going to realize everyone is an idiot, EVERYONE. So these are some tidbits of advice I can give if you like to meet lots of girls:

1) Drunk folks don't remember a lot of things. So if you get her phone number, odds are, she won't remember giving it to you (same goes for anything else she might give you), so that's when you 'advise' her that she write your name and number ON HER ARM! I know it sounds weird, but she'll wake up looking at it wondering who this mystery character is, and when you call, she'll be all about it.

2) Get a date. Believe it or not, these party hungry morsels of sexual desire actually want a guy to take them out, to do things with them, to treat them good. You figure that most 'hook-ups' in college happen only at parties and bars when people are drunk... while this is fun at first, girls will move on and want something a little different (it happens sooner than you think, after all, why would they keep going out to big parties, it's not always "JUST TO DANCE" it's to find a guy, thanks mother nature).

3) For the love of god, don't be centered on ONE thing in life, if you don't know this by now, get some different hobbies, play some intramurals, have lots of things to do. Start listening to country music, most chicks love it (as do I, but I've always liked it) or another thing you don't normally listen to, LEARN and KNOW about lots of things, this way you'll always be able to keep conversations rolling.

4) Practice the Flirt. Girls LOVE to flirt, girls HATE it when they don't get what they want. Learn to be subtle and flirt your ass off, you'll only get better with practice.

5) FORGET THE FACT THAT YOU AREN'T DRINKING. fuckit, go out and have fun. You'll be the only fool around to be 'on top of his game' and not slurring his speach. Use this to your advantage.

6) SMILE if you don't look happy with yourself, why would a girl be happy with you? Make sense?

7) Don't be desperate, don't rely on gimmicks (such as the protein bottle, but really, it does get lots of attention, don't rely on it though). Girls can smell desperation from a mile away, don't smell desperate.

8) Never cock-block me! That'd be rude to do since I tried to help you out.

There's lots of things to do other than drink, and eventually, you'll get used to not drinking and still be able to have lots of fun. It just takes some 'practice' and getting used to.

Now I'm off to watch football all day, in HD, good luck bro.


im in the same boat my man...its my senior year in college and am in a fraternity, so you know there is tons of drinking all the time around me...normally i don't even go to the party scene just to ward off temptation, but if i do i just carry a water bottle; I really don't care what people think

i probably haven't drank in around 2 months(i know thats not much to most around here)...and I've just got my mind set right now "long term vs. short term pleasure" and it normally works for me...

find a girl w/ similar goals...bc i know most of the time when i do drink its bc of the opposite sex; so if u find a girl who works out/eats right/ and doesnt like to drink that often..then your all good

who wants a party slut anyway....well most of the time .....

but all that being said...it is college...live it up if u must


Suck it up. Force the booze down and take some sleepinols and advil that night and the next day respectively.


Shut up.


Thats what I do. haha


Well I am a very light drinker and it's been many years since college but here goes.

I will sometimes have a drink when I first go someplace. Usually one. It doesn't hurt me at all training wise. I then switch to water and club soda. If you throw a lime or lemon in people think it's a mixed drink anyway.

I love having my wits about me when everyone else is loaded. I did that in school also but it works just as well in business.

Being sober is a big advantage when chatting up girl. If your friends give you shit tell them to fuck off bro. It's your body.


I am what you could call a heavy drinker, I guess. I'm one of the only ones out of my buddies to go to college, so its a bit more of a blue collar atmosphere around my parts. And it is damn hard not to drink. But if you can do it, go for it. I always have a good time drinking, but even I am starting to tire of the mornings at work where I feel like shit.

If people ask you, just say you're not that much of a drinker. Its not a real big deal.

Also, a tip is that you get to the bar earlier, and talk to the girls while they are sober too. You get better looking as they drink, but they still remember that they were talking to a guy last night. Not too mention you'll look alot better than the drunken slobs like me who try to hit on'em later on (this is why I got a girlfriend. always bad luck at bars...I wonder why).


There is a lot to be learned from this post.

In my experience chicks were actually MORE impressed with guys with a straight head. You are original, but a square too. Maybe hold a beer and fake it?

Get a little crazy with your sober self......and things will go your way maybe.


I just wanted to let everyone know how much I truly appreciate all the responses. Several have been pretty lengthy and well thought out and I certainly thank you for the time you put into them. It seems as though I have reached that point where the rebellious stigma that drinking had in my teens has worn off, as well as the point where I feel like I have become confident in my physical and social self.

The funny thing is, I used to spend all week thinking, if I can get to the weekend, I'll get drunk and I'll be in my element. Now it seems to be while drinking it is, "if I was sober, I'd be owning this place." It's amazing how things can change over a period of time. One of the best times I had at a party last year was when I was drinking straight Red Bull.

Absolutely on the mark with everything. However, I found this caffeine/taruine combo late at night led to insomnia. Once again, I appreciate all of the suggestions so far and look forward to applying them soon .


After a cartain age, about 25 or so, alcohol stopped being fun for me. My body also did not tolerate it as well. One of my buddies noticed tha same thing. The next day you definitely feel it. But not with Belvedere or Grey Goose, suprisingly those are the exception and allowed me the opportunity to be a more classy drunk in place of being more sober.


If your having trouble with hangovers and so on, then it's time to slow down. Just tell people you have a medical condition and they'll ususally leave you alone. That's what I'm going to be doing from now on because I just discovered I have a medical condidition probably caused from alcohol abuse.

Let me explain. I've been a heavy partyer my whole life. I've always been in good shape and always made good gains so I thought I was indestructable. So I continued smoking, binge drinking etc., on a regular weekly basis like I was still in college. Well the other day I come down with a fever and excruciating pains in my side. I rush to the Dr. and get a bunch of tests and they tell me I have pancreatitus, which is serious shit.

Now I'm waiting for my cat-scan results to see how bad. Listen to your body and don't abuse it. I always dismissed everyones cautions, even from guys on this site and now I'm paying the piper.


Time to switch over to heroin and crystal meth, I guess.


"Time to switch over to heroin and crystal meth, I guess"

Lol, that's pretty funny.

Seriously though, try some perks, you'll be good to go.


CU gives some good advice here. If you are not getting pussy it isn't because you aren't drinking, it's because your approach and your game sucks. If anything it should be easier to take advantage of drunk girls when you are sober.

Just because one time when you were wasted you went home with the most wasted girl at the party and got lucky doesn't mean that alcohol is the key to a girl's panties.


You miss more chances than you can count by being too drunk.

Even worse is hooking up with the ones you wouldn't consider sober. Waking up with a black eye next to a strange sea donkey can be a tragic experience. Still haven't figured out how I got the black eye.

My point is, go out and have a few drinks but don't depend on it to be social. If you do, you're gonna run into allllllllll kinds of problems.


Hahaha, Excellent quote! Goddamn sea donkeys! But like they say, everyone goes hoggin once in a while.

And yea, I cant count how many girls I missed out on cause I was too loaded, or insulted their dead aunts when I was too loaded, ot couldnt get it up because I was too loaded....the wonderful world of drinkin.