Full Clean Form Check

Hopefully, someone replies to this cause well, the Olympic Weightlifting forums seem pretty dead to me.

Been trying to drop under the bar quickly, I’ve absolutely no idea how this looks. Part of my brain thinks it looks pretty decent, other part of my brain thinks it looks like garbage with my arms being over bent and shit. Any replies will be GREATLY appreciated.

Added a slow mo version cause well, I don’t know, thought it might come in handy.

Forget worrying about what your arms are looking like at this point, you need to finish the final pull, which at this point is non existent. The slow mo vid looks decent up until the 4- 5 second mark, after that you are pulling the bar with your arms in a reverse curl, with no extension of the legs, hips etc. Your arms should be straight, and pull/bend only to pull you under the bar after violently extending your body, not pulling the bar up to you. You are pulling WAY early. I would suggest watching a ton of videos from the Olympics, or worlds. Compare what those lifters are doing compared to you after the 4-5 second point of your slow vid. Hope this helps.


Thanks for the reply, I’ll post a follow up video when possible. It’s just, when I do try to keep my arms straight with hip extension and such, the bar seems to fly up too high, does that make sense? Am I not supposed to go under the bar instead? I’ll be sure to post a follow up video asap.

Sometimes is is difficult to really get it until the weight moves up… You will see at weights appropriate to your strength level that you can’t pull the bar so high.

If you have the chance, do some box cleans to force second pull. Or from a mid hang (knee area) if you don’t have boxes