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Full Body Zercher Only Workout?

Anyone have a good full body zercher only workout?

How would a zercher workout be full body?

I have literally no idea what this means. Like, a full body workout that only uses the bar in the Zercher position? Why?

You’ve got Zercher squats, Zercher deadlifts, Zercher good mornings, Zercher shrugs, Zercher front raises (I guess), and Zercher carries. So… no, there is no way to design a “full body Zercher only workout”.

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LOL you got it!

Zercher Squat, Zercher Deadlifts, Zercher Shrugs, Zercher Bench Press, Zercher OHP

If you could do this, you’d be awesome at holding babies.


Baby elephants maybe?

This is a very strange thread, that’s all I can say.

Yeah they was stupid :man_facepalming:t2:

I sat there waiting for him to start…

What was that?

This has just about everything you may want to know about it…the question is, why? Is this just for fun or do you only want to hold the bar this way for some reason?

It seems like the movement gives great bang for your buck. Also I’m in search of a great full body -3/4 exercise workout…tried other stuff in the past. Also started doing zercher SQ regularly and love results