Full Body Workouts

Yesterday i decided that i was going to do somthing real crazy and work all my muscle in my body.


…next day i was sore as hell. i mean i could barely move, everybody in the house though i was inside some car reck or somthing due to my lack of movement. but is this a good idea working all this muscle groups in 1 day?

Would this cause any kind of harm to any part of my body?

Read the full body workout articles.

Its very doable.Actually alot of people on these boards do this type of split.If you could give us an idea of the lifts and volume used we could prolly give a little more info and advice.

it depends, did you do 20 sets of chest, 20 sets of back, 20 sets of biceps… legs… triceps… shoulders… etc?

OR, did you do about 20 total sets and try to hit every muscle in doing so?

I personally prefer full body workouts as opposed to isolation splits, you do them more frequently and I like that approach a lot more than the original “blast a muscle group per day” type of training that was/is popular. You should check out some of Chad Waterbury’s articles as he’s got some really awesome full body workouts.

Good Luck

fullbody workouts are the best thing that ever happen to my training career.period.

i agree w/ frank.

We need more detail into the workout you did.

[quote]Severely_Blessed wrote:
Would this cause any kind of harm to any part of my body?

Probably just your toes, as I see you conveniently left them out of your program. Seriously, when doing total body training, you do not need to do separate exercises for arms as they’ll get overloaded. When you are doing chest/pushing movements, your triceps are getting worked. With back/pulling/rowing movements you are also hitting biceps.

Well, making yourself immobile is a no-brainer as far as being unproductive. :slight_smile:

If you workout the entire body too hard you may find yourself not just very tired but exhausted on a deep level. Your concentration and overall feeling of well-being could be affected, and you could be very sleepy or make your immune system more vulnerable. In short, don’t overtrain.

But if you just give your whole body a lighter level of stimulation, it can be very good for you, especially if you include stretching to maintain your flexibility.

Just don’t burn-out. If you feel like pushing very hard, restrict the body parts. Like if you decide to go psycho in your conditioning by running for miles and miles and also doing a ton of push-ups and dips, leave your back and pulling muscles alone. There is such a thing as overstimulation, and your immune system definitely can be weakened if you do too much. At that point, cold or flu germs already in your body that your body has been resisting may suddenly get the upper hand, and new ones you would have fought off this time you can’t.

I say this as someone who was an extremely committed martial artist for a number of years and overtrained far too often. Sometimes I would come down with a cold practically DURING a particularly brutal work-out, from a point of apparently perfect – even outrageously great – health before the work-out began. There’s a lot to be said for having more unstoppable determination, but like it or not, the body is more limited than the willpower. Even if it carries you through basically the physical assault on yourself that an extreme work-out can be, that doesn’t mean you won’t have worked it to a state of great vulnerability after.

At that point, it’s probably really not worth it. It’s overall better to give a little less than your all in a work-out, and hold back a little bit extra. That reserve or little bit extra could actually be your freedom from injury or overall systemic health.

Read the links below. They should contain three articles on total body training and one dicussion thread.





I’m just getting started on Total Body Workout, devised by Chad Waterbury. I’m not a total newb, just haven’t been lifting for a couple years now.

I totally recommend full body workouts for newcomers or those who’ve been on a long hiatus. I always overdo it when I get back into the routine. Going with a good full body routine still wears me down, but I’m able to function the next day with minimal stiffness, instead of searing pain.

WELl i was doin 250 5sets of 5
then dumbel curl 40lb 5 sets of 5
290 squat 5 sets of 6
then doin some chin up.