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Full-Body Workouts


Any thoughts on full-body circuit workouts? I've recently added one at the end of my 7-day split, with a rest day before and after. I carb-cycle also, and I have the full-body day as a high carb day. I've read many mixed reviews on the benefits of full-body workouts, what do you guys think? Worth it?


try using search, there is thousands of threads like this around here.


How the hell can we answer your question if we don't even know what your goal is?


his goal is using search


imho, full body workouts or splits should not be mixed.

The usual goal of the split is to tax your muscle group (chest, arms, legs, etc.) so hard that it needs several days to recover, until you hit it again with a slightly higher intensity. The goal of the full body workout is to tax every muscle group without annihilating anything, so that you can do it again within a short time-frame.

Beyond that it's tough to give you advice, you've not posted anything re: your program and goals. The prevailing wisdom is that FBs are great for beginners, but at an advanced level, your muscles, tendons, joints, etc. are sufficiently developed to handle the intensity required to reap benefits from a split.


I've done this one before and liked it. I prefer a split routine but it was great for a change up.