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Full Body Workouts or Split Workouts?

Hello everyone!

Ever since I started lifting, I always used various splits. However, lately a friend suggested going for full body workouts 3 times a week, the Rippetoe style, to gain more mass. He said he gained a lot on this program. But since I am a woman, I know that it is going to be more difficult for me to make gains.

I know there are lots of people with a lot of experience here. I would like to know your opinions and any suggestions pls:)

This could end terribly. What are you goals, specifically? How many times a week can you lift? What is your previous training experience?

personally i never had any luck gaining mass on a fullbody workout. i lost mass and got weaker.

I know I’m an '09er but hasnt this been done to death? OP use the search function.

I came here to ask the same question, search function worked great.


both had good information that might help you decide, personally I am going back to a full body 3 day a week program until I become more experienced.

Thank you all so much for the replies:)

Barbarianlifter, thanks for the articles. Very helpful!

I will mix my training methods and leave my body guessing what is coming next, since my aim is to gain mass:)