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Full Body Workouts And MAG-10


What do you guys think about the full body, 3 a week training while on MAG-10?

Should I stick to full body workouts and just increase the workouts to 5-6 times a week, or should I go back to opposing muscle group workouts for the two week MAG-10 cycle?

I'm leaning towards the full body stuff, but I dont want to burn myself out.

Any thoughts?


I think it's all about personal preference. However I would NOT do 5 full body workouts per week. That seems pretty ridiculous.

Anyway, if I wanted to maximize a PH cycle, I might want to stick with something I was familiar with. Otherwise there are just too many variables (new exercises, set/rep schemes, the prohormone, etc.) If you haven't ever done full body 3 x week training, I might do it for a month or so to get the hang of it, and THEN once everything is in place, start the PH cycle. Or, stick with something you know.

RIT Jared


CW's Quattro Dynamo would be a great program when using MAG-10, as you'll be doing full-body workouts 4 times a week training many different attributes (maximal strength, endurance, hypertrophy, explosive strength).

I know that Shugart has begun doing full-body workouts three times a week, but he has taken a different approach (more exercises, less sets, higher reps). I prefer CW's recommendations, as HST and the way Shugart is doing it never worked for me.


One of the primary benefits of using a PH or other "performance enhancer" is the increased recovery rate you experience. Unless I'm greatly mistaken though, this does not apply to the nervous system. Based on that, I think you've been given excellent advice.

That is the advantage of CW's quattro program. By itself it helps reduce the shock to the nervous system; coupled with a PH, you should experience great gains.



Thanks RIT, Nate, and Token.

I actually found the Quattro Dynamo program yesterday and decided to try it when I start MAG-10 on monday.

I can't wait for the 25 rep squats... Never puked in the gym, but there's a first for everything :slight_smile:

Thanks again guys...


During one of the hurricanes a few weeks ago, I was bored from being stuck in the house for so long, so during one of my "off" days from doing SFM, I decided to do some high-rep squats. I took 135lb and did two sets of 20. It was quite fun and gave me my cardio workout for the day.

During a previous hurricane, I did one set of 20 and then followed it with five more sets of 10 while reading T-Nation, posting on the forum and waiting for the storm to pass!

It's nice having a home setup to do things like that whenever you feel like it, even if it's almost midnight on a Friday or Saturday night! LOL!


Yeah, Nate,

During the Hurricane, all we had at my girlfriend's uncles house was a bowflex. Let me be the 1,034,065th person to officially claim it to be useless. Unless you like doing awkward 1/3 reps. You were alucky bastard. I was aching to get to the gym after being locked up for two days. (and then having the gym closed for five days afterwards for Frances)


Damn that sucks.

It must have been comical using that thing! LOL!