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Full-Body Workout



I wanted to run this by you. I started working out January 1st as a New Year’s resolution & have played around with a lot of templates for a lack of a better word.

I’ve made good progress experimenting on my own (the newbie effect), but I think I’ve finally settled on something that can at least take me to when I need more advanced programming.

I’m now running an A/B template with squat/bench/deadlift (A) & overhead press/Pendlay row/leg press (B) rotating 4 times a week (2 each).

Set/rep scheme is 20/10/5/2 for each of the 6 lifts using the standard of going up 5 pounds when I hit the rep goal. The 20-rep set acts as a working warmup, but it’s technically a 20-rep max.

Only 8 sets a week for each lift which is on the low end by most standards, but it essentially allows for a push/pull/legs full-body workout 4 times a week. Just wanted to get your thoughts on it & where I might go from here.


I think you’ve been really smart and this looks really good for where you’re at. Nice work!


Appreciate it, Paul!