Full Body Workout Questions

I’m thinking of switching from a split type to a full body workout. If I get to the gym 3 times per week how many sets per body part should I do? I’m thinking three but that’s just a guess. Thanks for any help.

I do a full body workout over 2 days, twice a week. Works well.

Might want to pay more attention to number of exercises per body part instead of sets per body part.

So if I’m hitting the gym three times per week how many exercises per body part? I want enough volume without overdoing it.

Definitely pay more attention to number of working sets per week. Exercises per week means fuck all.

You can do 1 exercise for chest e.g. Flat BB bench three times a week but that could mean anything from 30 weekly working sets to 3 sets per week. One will beat you into the ground and the other will not even be enough volume to maintain gains.

Google “Renaissance Periodization Training Volume Landmarks for Muscle Growth” and “The Hypertrophy Training Guide Central Hub”

Between them you should be able to answer your question and set yourself up for all kinds of future gains

Thank you

I’d also recommend searching “full body workouts” on here. LOTS of stuff.

Either of these give proven results…

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