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Full Body Workout Every Day or Splits?

I like most of the world right now is in lock down and looking for ways to improve themselves without hitting a gym. I’m just trying to figure out what is the best way for me to work out. I see a lot of different advice online with regards to working out, push/pull/legs, a bro split, work out one body part a day, full body 3 times a week, but I have come across Jim Stoppani and his video about working out every day by eliminating rest days. He advocates a full body routine every day and i’m just wondering if this is actually a good way to train. From what I understand from friends in the army they practically train this way already and are some of the strongest people I know even tho they aren’t some of the biggest people around. I also should state that I myself am type 2 diabetic, and I do carry some extra weight. I’m 6’2" and floating around 230-240lbs and am 42 years old. I’m thinking of actually doing the full body everyday but sunday. Am I headed for disaster?

Full body every day is going to be too much for most, 3 times a week or 4 times per week is much more sensible.


I agree with Gorilla (Big Ups!), every day might be a little excessive. 3-4 times a week, or every other day works pretty well for me at 40.

pieguy, we you just starting out, or have you been lifting for awhile? What kind of program have you been using?

When you decide on a routine you need to balance Frequency and Workload. If you do more workouts, you do less work in each session. If your frequency is lower, you do a little more work each time you train.

So if you jump in, 6 days a week, Balls to the Wall, you might be in trouble. If you start a little slow and grow into the routine for a few weeks, figuring out the right workload you might be just fine. You’re starting to get kinda old, so I would’ve a little conservative at first. Unless you’re already pretty experienced with the weights.

i have been in the gym consistently for the past 2 years, although covid-19 curtailed that so now i’m working out at home with bodyweight and some equipment. I was on a high rep lower weight for 20/16/12/8 reps 3 times a week day one push, day 2 pull day 3 legs, but I feel I need more.

I guess, give it a shot! If it seems cool, try it out. If it’s too much your joint get sore/inflamed or your appetite or sleep gets messed up, just back off some.

It’s also possible to do your push/pull/legs 4-5 times a week if you don’t want to make such a drastic change.

Were you actually going to change your plan according to the advice you’d get here?

honestly I might just change up my workout routine depending on what advice I got yes.

Yeah not a great idea, you’re going to start feeling flat and then beat up pretty fast.

In the current situation try some of the routines discussed in this thread like (fullbody-ish)10,000 swing program…

When gyms reopen run back and forth through proven programs off this site like below…

I like that plan.

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Full body every day is fine, so long as you make it manageable. 3 rounds of 10 push, 10 pull, 10 lower body every day won’t send you towards disaster…3000 rounds might.
What are your goals my friend? That will most likely dictate what you SHOULD be doing