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Full-Body Workout at the End of a Split


I love the fat burning power and metabolic boost from full-body workouts, as they are high intensity and feel great. However, I've recently been told that it's bad to have one inside a normal split. I know there are tons of posts and threads about this, but I'd feel better getting it specifically answered with my own case. would it still help to build muscle and burn some fat from activating my entire body with a full body workout, or is it somewhat of a waste if i'm already on a split that covers everything?

Split: Chest/abs, back/bi's, legs/abs, shoulders/tri's, off, full-body (circuit training), off

  • my goals are to gain lean muscle mass. i'm not trying to completely cut, just to gain muscle and burn some fat here and there. I carb-cycle, with high carb days on the full-body day, chest day, and leg day. my off days are very low carb days, and the remaining days are moderate carb intake
  • I'm 19 years old, 6 ft 2, 219 lbs
  • thanks


If you wanna try it i would say from your current program

Week1: (your program)
1. on
2. on
3. on
4. on
5. offf
6. on
7. off

Week2: Full body
8. on
9. off
10. on
11. off
12. on
13. off
14. off

Week3: Your program

Dont know what your rep/sets look like, but for full body id go with 5x5.


Besides the fact that your routine is extrmely unconventional (and I wouldnt be surprised if it's very far from optimal), the above will ruin your chances at progress more than anything else.

PICK ONE GOAL. Accomplish it. The pick another. Repeat.