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Full Body with Power Clean

Coming off of a few months of LP doing starting strength, im wanna start doing the 531 full body template. I don’t wanna leave power cleans out though, would it be okay to just do them first on the first day?

Power Clean 531
Squat 531
DB Bench
DB Rows

Squat 5s PRO
Bench 531
Chin Ups

Squat 5s PRO
Press 531
Deadlift 531

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That’s how Jim mentioned it in the original book. In Beyond he says you can do it before deadlifts or squats.

What % are you using on the squat PROs on days 2 & 3? The original 5/3/1 calls for 3x5-10 with 50%. Beyond basically has you do FSL and allows you to pick which one (3x5, 3x3, or 5/3/1).

I think you’ll wear down a bit if you’re doing the true 5 PROs twice a week AFTER the usual 5/3/1.

yeah, in the original he does something similar, in FB Phase 4 (optional insanity). Just asking if it would be okay to implement it this way in the most basic one too. I’d eventually work up to the chinup volume in phase four anyways, as i love supersetting everything with it. Just haven’t done so bc of SS and not wanting to screw with Rippetoes original programming.

beyond let’s u pick between 5s PRO with different percentages, not FSL. and that’s what i’d be doing. if 3x5-10 with 50% is recommended by Jim in my setup, i’d change it to that…

I just looked again and the full body template has you do 5@65, 5@75, & 5@85% of your TM on the 2 days that you don’t do the 5/3/1 reps. You can also do 3x3 with your 3’s week numbers.

That’s not the same as the 5 PROs. PROs has you do 3x5 with each week’s weight (65/75/85 on week 1, 70/80/90 week 2, 75/85/95 week 3).

Maybe you meant that you’re doing what the book says and I mistook it for the true PROs training.

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yes you’re right. i meant taking the percentages and doing 5s. as in 5s PRO. not as in the book, like u described. sry for that.



Clean - 5x3 @ 5x5/3/1
Squat - 5’s PRO or work up to TM for 3-5 reps
Press - 5x5 @ SSL


Clean - 5x5 @ FSL
Squat - 5x5/3/1
Press - 5’s PRO or work up to TM for 3-5 reps

Clean - 5x3 @ SSL
Squat - 5x5 @ FSL
Press - 5x5/3/1

Assistance: 0-25 in each category

Adjust the Anchor for the volume/intensity.


Thank you!

going to hit this one up…right up my alley and love the EOD

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