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Full Body, What Diet?


I have recently started a full body workout routine very simialr to TBT and I was thinking that doing the t-dawg diet would be a good diet to follow. Would this be a good combination? or would a workout like meltdown be better?


What are you trying to accheive???


This is definitely the very first question you need to answer.

The second thing you need to do is tailor both your training and your diet to these goals. Unless you're an absolute beginner, training with a full-body workout plan probably isn't going to get you very big very fast at all (which is, I am assuming, part of what you want because you are considering the T-dawg diet). It's definitely a place to start, but a 3/week or 4/week split routine (where you train a different group of body parts on different workout days) would probably get you the results you want faster. You could begin training with a full-body and then move to a split, but why not get to the good stuff in the very beginning?

As to your diet, pretty much any diet will work with any training routine, as long as you are faithful in matching your calorie intake to your goal.

Hope this helps.


Well I am a swimmer so what i am trying to do right now is lose some fat while keeping the muscle i have and maybe adding a little more..I am not trying to really workout out to get bigger.


In that case I say yes lift heavy hard and lower total volume to keep and raise strength but not so much hypertrophy.

Total body being great. and Yes T-Dawg 2 is a very solid diet for even life inn general.