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Full Body Weekly Plan

Im looking to start a full body split using the following template…

This is what i have come up with so far…

Workout A
Burpees With a Tuck Jump 5x4
RDL 4x6 w 90s rest
Bench press 4x6 w 90s rest
Lunge 3x8 w 60s rest
Inverted row 3x8 w 60s rest
Hanging knee raise 3x10 w 45s rest

Workout B
Broad jump 5x4
Military press 4x6 w 90s rest
Sumo deadlift 4x6 w 90s rest
Db row 3x8 w 60s rest
Split Squat 3x8 w 60s rest
YTW 3x10 w 45s rest

Workout C
Plyo Push-Up 5x4
Squat 4x6 w 90s rest
Pull up 4x6 w 90s rest
SLDL 3x8 w 60s rest
Db bench 3x8 w 60s rest
Lateral lunge 3x10 w 45s rest

Workout D
Squat thrusters 5x4
Bb row 4x6 w 90s rest
Goblet squat 4x6 w 90s rest
Db press 3x8 w 60s rest
Hip thrust 3x8 w 60s rest
Farmers walk 3x50m

Progression will be adding weight once i have hit the required reps each week, and i will move through the workouts on alternate days.

I just wanted to get advice and feedback on anthing i have missed or maybe could do better.

My goal is to be fit as i move into my forties, hence the fullbody focus and not some kind of bro split.


Try it for a few months and see how the results are. By no means perfect but lots of compound lifts and some idea of progression

If " fit " is your goal, why not superset to keep conditioning up? Also, more variation in rep ranges? Higher reps for conditioning?

Yeah looks fine, it will work.

I would slightly up the volume of back work to balance out the pressing and for shoulder health posture etc

Say workout’A’ replace inverted rows with lat pulldown 5x10-15 and/or add rear delt raises