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Full Body + Upper/Lower Hybrid Programming

Disclaimer: I’m not looking to change my program. This is just for educational/informational purposes.

Have any of you ever run a full body/upper/lower hybrid program?

For examples:

Example 1
Mon - Full Body
Tue - Upper
Wed - Lower
Thu - Upper
Fri - Lower

Example 2
Mon - Full Body
Wed - Upper
Fri - Lower

Example 3
Mon - Full Body
Tue - Lower
Thu - Upper
Fri - Full Body


I think after I’m done running Building the Monolift for 6 weeks I’d want to try something like this.

Just curious to see your opinions or what would be the most ideal setup to get this accomplished. I love full body workouts now that I’m doing BTM, but I think having that “one lift + assistance” is also nice to really get after it.

Just want to know everyone’s thoughts!

More like full body/upper nomsayin lel #skiplegday.

You ask a power lifter about their “split” and chances are you get an answer in terms of SBD and assistance. If you looked at it in terms of body parts would probably look like some variation of full body/upper/lower. Is nothing special or revolutionary just aligns well with goals/preferences.

Personally I enjoy it and have trained that way for the majority of my lifting having tried bro splits etc. early on. While I define my split by the powerlifts trained it’s pretty much full body.

A routine or split is about the simplest form of program that you could come up with if you could even call selecting a handful of exercises “programming”. There are many more variables to account for, control and manipulate in a true program with the principles of strength training forming the basis for your decisions.

Once you’ve taken all this into account i.e. you’ve got a good program it really doesn’t matter how your split looks or how you’d describe it in terms of lifts or body parts or attributes trained because in the end it works and you’ll progress.


I tried CT’s football program. (Can find it on the forums doing a quick search) But the first phase had an upper and lower day and two total body days. The goal of that first phase was to make you more explosive, but I really enjoyed that style of training. You moved heavy weights and light weights explosively, tons of jumps and throws and plyos. Felt explosive and strong after 6 weeks of it and got a little leaner too. I still basically train this way today.
I feel it is a good way to train in general. Allows for good frequency for each lift/muscle group. The more and more I train the more I realize I was doing too much before and was not recovering properly. I feel that hard intense lifting sessions 3-4 days per week doing a total body or upper/lower combo is ideal. Thats just me of course there are definitely people out there who can do a ton of volume and intensity and get away with it. Khangles already said it. It all works in the end.(Unless your being a jackass) Consistency trumps everything.

I’ve often done a full body session on the weekend when I have more recovery time and then gone for upper lower during the week. I Can’t get scientific about it but it can work if it fits in with your goals

Definitely a good way to train. Personally I switch it up a little bit and do more of a full body to start the week then taking a rest day. Following that I do a push/pull/legs to finish the week. Allows me to get some pure strength work in early in the week and then more high reps later on.