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Full Body Training Gone Awesome

I’m starting a new log. Coming back from a shoulder injury that ended my last log. Still some issues with my shoulder, but I’m back training pressing movements again, so it’s time to get organized. This time I’m doing a set program, and not just random stuff / bastardized programs.

So I really love all the things I read in Chad Coy’s “Disable Your Size and Strength Governor” article. http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/most_recent/disable_your_size_and_strength_governor So I’m do his program he had in the article. Sometimes I take out some pressing if my shoulder is being bitchy. I’m going to try to start taking some videos again hopefully.

Week A:1

3min stairmaster, 10 pullups
One-arm BB curl x10 (left, right)

a1: Snatch - 3x5 (95lbs)
a2: Facepulls - 4x20 (40lbs)

Pushpress - 5x 145x3

Circa Max Cluster
a1 :Paused Front Squat (1rep) - 185, 185, 205
a2: Barbell Row - 3x 146x6
a3: Incline Bench (pause last rep) - 3x 185x8

Max Effort
Deadlift - 135x3, 205x3, 275x3, 345x3, 395x3
Pullups - 4x5

Week A:2

a1: Shoulder Dislocates with Broomstick - 6x10
a2: Powerclean - 5x 135x5
a3: Facepulls - 5x 20 (40lbs)

Trap Bar DL: 10x 275x1

Circa Max Cluster:
a1: Overhead Rack Press (eye level): 185x1,185x1,190x1
a2: Chin-ups: 3x8 BW
a3: Hang Pull - 3x 95x10

Max Effort:
Squat- 135x5, 185x5, 225x5 (gym closed, left a decent amount in the tank)

Week A:3

a1: Powerclean - 3x 165x3
a2: Cable Facepulls- 3x 20 (40lbs)

Parallel Box Squat - 10x 225x2

Circa Max Cluster:
a1: Snatch Grip Defecit (4 in.) DL - 4x 275x1
a2: Neutral Grip Pullups - 4x5

Max Effort:
a1: Push Press - 2x135x2, 165x1, 185x1, 195x1
a2: One-Arm Cybex Row - #15stack - 4x10, LR

Week B:1

10 pullups

a1: powercleans - 5x 165x5
a2: cable facepulls - 5x 20 (40lbs)

Bench Press - 8x 185x3

Circa Max Cluster:
a1: One-Arm DB Jerk: 75x1, 75x1, 85x1, 100x1
a2: Pullups - 4x10

Max Effort:
Trap Bar DL - 225x1, 295x1, 365x1, 385x1

10 pullups

*I had never done the one-arm DB Jerks before, so I was happy to hit the 100’s on both arms.

Week B:2

a1: DB Snatch - 3x 60x5
a2: Band Pull-aparts - 3x10

Rack Pull (bottom knee level) - 10x 335x1

Circa Max Cluster:
a1: Board Bench Press (aerobic step) - 225x1, 275x1, 3x 285x1
a2: DB Row - 3x 85x8

Max Effort:
a1: Front Squat (Pause last rep final two sets) - 135x3, 155x3, 185x3, 205x3 (too easy)
a2: Pullups - BW +20 - 4x3 (need belt to use more weight)

Week B:3

a1: Power Clean - 4x 185x3, -->Hang Clean - 4x 135x3
a2: Face Pulls - 5x20 (41 lbs.) -->Band Pullaparts - 5x10

Rack Squat - 2x135x2, 8x185x2

Circa Max Cluster:
Goodmorning - 185x1, 185x1, 235x1, 235x1, 235x1
Chinups - BW+30 - 5x3 (BW+35 for last set. Guess I can balance more weight than I thought, but a belt would help still) (Really controlled these reps well.)

Max Effort:
Push Press - 135x5(Strict), 165x3, 185x5

I was short on time, so I cut a little out of this workout. I had never done a goodmorning before, but I liked it. I can see why it’s a quality exercise when executed well. I let my ego get in the way of the push press. I decided to get 5 instead of the 3 reps scheduled. Form was a little sloppy on the last rep.

Bodyweight (post workout): 187.0 – I’m leaner and stronger than I was before my shoulder injury, but I am 5 lbs lighter and I did not want my weight going that way.

Ok, weird night and workout. It needs a short story to describe. My small gym which is more of a tennis club, closes at 10:00, and I arrive at 9:00 usually. Most of the people know me, so they let me stay 10 minutes late if I need because I cleanup my stuff and am out before the people hanging at the bar or the indoor tennis courts slowly exit. Monday night however, the chick who closes makes sure I am out by 10:00. I hate it because people are in there til 10:15 always, but whatever I hate when people justify their wrongdoings by saying others do it too; however it stinks on nights like tonight.
So back to the point, I was excited for this workout because it had a flat bench at circa one rep max, and I haven’t done any flat bench in months, but had been PRing on all my presses after returning from injury. Tonight though while doing snatches to warmup, I aggravated my shoulder really badly. I think I did a snatch with my elbow bent and my whole left arm started to kill. I wanted to amputate it there. So I tried to go on of course because I’m stupid. So my workout was going horribly. I then took 15 minutes to rest, and my shoulder felt better. So I gave bench a try just to see if I had really messed up my shoulder again. Surprisingly, benching singles didn’t bother it. Did 275 with a pause very easy. Then got a spotter to protect me if 295 went bad; of course I got a spotter who had his hands on the bar the whole time. So I have no idea if 295 was really as easy as it felt or not. Then it was 10:00, so I had to leave. Felt like a really incomplete workout.

Snatch - 5x 105x3
shoulder dislocates, facepulls, bandpullaparts

Box Squat - 5x 225x2 (I need to use less weight. It is super easy, but I realized I’m not moving the weight fast enough even though it feels light)
Push Press - 4x 145x3 (Felt like I was using one arm)

15 minute break

Bench - 135x1, 225x1, 275x1, 295x1 (no idea what the spotter did to help or not help, but it felt easy)

I’m going to go get fixed by the chiropractor that does ART (Active Release Technique) who saved my shoulder before, soon. If I can fix my shoulder enough tonight, I may workout tommorrow because I felt like I did nothing tonight. This workout was garbage. I’m just hoping that tomorrow, I’ll get home from work, and not be cursing my shoulder – because then I might be injured again. Ahhh don’t want to be injured again. I love lifting. Hope to have a good workout to post next time.