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Full Body Training for Beginners?

i just started working out. i’m 17, 6’3", lean(182lbs), waist size is 31".high trap insertion but 2 finger bicep inserts…
i’m wondering if full body 2x a week (took this from AlphaDestiny on YT) would be more superior to 5 day/bro split or upper lower or any other kind? i’ve done this full body workouts for 2 weeks now and results are amazing, just to keep that in mind ( i increased my OHP for 10 kg, squat for30kg, deadlift for 40kg while getting even leaner and gaining muscle mass). i would say it works great for me but i’m just a novice and i would like some light on this topic from YOU more experienced lifters.
current routine Intensity day Volume day
squat 3x3 4x12
rackpull 3x3 3x6 (deadlift on volume day)
OHP 3x3 5x10-12
Tbar row 3x3-5 4x10-12
skull crushers 3x4-8 4-5x20-30
rear delt flyies 3-4x10-15 3-4x12-15
Hyperextension super set cable crunches - 3x15
its as i said 2x a week full body ,concurrent periodization which presumably means that youre mixing volume and intensity (youre not loosing volume overtime as if you were doing classic linear periodization) and youre changing exercise variation every 2 weeks so from monday im starting different variations of these lifts and then after some time ill come back to these… so its gonna be front squat, jefferson rackpull/deadlift, OHP z press on floor, bend over row, close grip bench and some curls.
thanks for reading and answering my question

You are small you have less then an inch on me and I outweigh you by almost 40 lbs.

Waterbury, full body, three times a week. Keep active the rest of
the time. Eat more then you presently do.

That two finger thing (whatever that means) is irrelevant.


Well stick to what you’re doing for a few weeks while the results are “amazing” and then as above move on to Waterbury full body. Either of these are great…

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thanks for answering man, much appreciated.
i dont have much of an appetite so should i mix in some junk, sugary food do hit that surplus?

How the hell do you have “high trap insertion”? They run from the spine to the scapulae. Its not like the lats, where you have a long sheet of tendon connecting them to the spine. Did you mean lats?

If you just started, you can get away with more weekly volume than a more advanced lifter. Full body 3x a week, starting light and adding weight slowly, will get you good gains for a long time. I’m doing legs/arms, chest/shoulders/back, off, repeat and still making progress as an intermediate.

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ok thanks brah

i mean i have a long neck and my traps( even though theyre not really thick yet) are going high up my long neck and you can clearly see them when i wear any kind of shirt (from sides, back or front). i think its referred to as a "giraffe neck"
the right one, thats it

avoid direct trap training and hammer the shit out of your shoulders.

I have the same problem.


will do brah… but i love my traps

there will be time in future, but bring up the lagging delts for now.

You are a sculptor. Think carefully about where you add the most clay.


I had to drag my mind out of the gutter just then.


No. Get some good food.

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Just like lifting, most people won’t be able to just jump into eating 4000cal a day, so work your way up. Stay away from shit foods that won’t help you grow.

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So narrow clavicles and long neck. Doesn’t have a thing to do with trap insertions. A muscle’ s origin is the fixed end, and the insertion is the end that moves when it contracts. Not to get too technical, but it helps to communicate correctly.

Don’t mix in sugary junk food just to hit a surplus.

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ok i get it now.thanks for replying once again brah

ok .thanks for the advice