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Full Body Too Taxing?


if i want to do a full body workout every 2 days, do i have to change my set/rep sheme from workout to workout (10x3 requires other muscle fibres than 3x12?!---> better for regeneration?) or can i use one sheme for 6 weeks and then change?


I thinkn this is more of a Can anmd/or should, or optimal sub optimal ?

Can yes should probably not

Optimal prob not nbut it wont kill you.

I would attempt to go further but Why when CW and others have covered it much better than I could in this post in many an artcile right here.


Yes you should change. For further information refer to Chad Waterbury's articles in the Authors column.


Cycle the difficulty: don't go as hard every time.

Hard/Easy/Medium and Medium/Easy/Hard/Off are good.

Also cycling the set/reps is good, and can go hand-in-hand with the difficulty cycling. So if your goal is primarily strength, make sure to make your hardest workout the 10x3 workout and the easier workouts in other rep ranges.

Just a thought.

Dan "Frequency and Volume. Sounds like a damn radio station in here." McVicker


It also depends on how many exercises you are trying to do on each full-body day along with the sets/reps chosen.

Do you have a plan in mind?


    day 1:    day 3:        day 5:

legs: squats deadlifts lunges
back: rows pullovers chin ups
chest: dips flat bench incline
shoulder:rear lat./front.press/lateral
calves: standing sitting raises
arms: biceps triceps
abs: crunches leg raises

if i should use such a sheme like in the
warterbury plans (day1 10x3, day2 3x12...)
i want to change this every few weeks so
i don?t have to do squats 10x3 all the
time. ps: i know my index sucks.


Okay, for a plan like that, I would only do 10x3 for the first 3-4 exercises. Also, I wouldn't do 10x3 each training day. It's too taxing. You'd be better off doing 4x6, 5x5, 4x12, 3x15 or something similar for the other days. After 3-4 weeks, switch the parameters around so that day 3 becomes the 10x3 day, etc.

If you want to do 10x3 for each workout, you'd need to cut it down to three exercises per day tops. CW wrote a plan like this for Men's Fitness last year. PM me, and I'll send you an Excel spreadsheet with the way he set it up.

Or, you could follow one of his plans as written. The Waterbury Method is very similar to what you want to do, as well as TBT and the Art of Waterbury.