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Full Body to Split


So i've been doing a full body workout for the about 2-3 months. Right now my routine is a workout on Mondays, Wednesday, & Fridays of Chest Press, Bent Over Rows, Front Squats, Bulgarian Split Squats, Upright Rows, Military Press, Skullcrushers, and Curls. On Mondays I do 5 sets of 5, Wednesday 4 sets of 10, and Friday 3 sets of 15 for each exercise. on Tues/Thurs/Sat i do light cardio, with a circuit of 3 ab exercises and and a calve exercise, like one-leg raises or Donkey raises.

i've gained a pretty decent amount of size and strength,though my chest and legs seem to not be getting hit hard enough (which could be partly due to me having REALLY long legs and making eveything go to my glutes and i also have pectus excaavtum, which kind of inhibits my chest. not making excuses, just trying to fill anyone if this would help) but i think i need to change it up a bit. would Joe Franco's WS4SB be a good suggestion?




well you definatly look like you know what works
so im going to do it!


Lol, the guy featured in his avatar is Johnnie Jackson (i.e. not him).


LOL maybe I'm Johnnie Jackson? That's what G Moore stands for.


ohh my mistake. im not really up to date on bodybuilders, except the bigger ones like Cutler and stuff


Yeah ws4sb is a good solid program

My advice for you-



well i did deadlift, but right now i only have about a 160 lbs of weights, so not enough to really deadlift now that ive gotten alot stronger


You may want to consider joining a gym, because 160 pounds is not going to be enough for a lot of things pretty soon