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Full Body to Failure

Hey I’m a high school beginner lifter. I am doing my first real program right now. It’s a full body 3 day a week thing. Should I lift to failure on last rep of my exersizes or should I be conserving so I don’t overtrain. I feel ok for the next workout if I go to failure and when I don’t, I just don’t feel very tired.

On another note, I have my calories at abot 2500 per day at about 180g of protein. (i am 5’7" and wiegh 115). In the first 3 days no weight gain was made but then in three days after that, i shot up 1 pound a day. SHould i cut back on food or is that natural.


Cut back on food? You weigh 115 pounds. Never, ever, never.

Your day to day bodyweight is really irrelevant. From morning to evening I can fluctate five pounds no problem depending on when I drink and when I shit.

Check yourself once a week.