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Full Body Template, Light Barbell Bench Instead of DB Bench?

Hey everyone I have been doing the 5\3\1 full body routine and love it so far. I’m close to the point where I can start using my home gym the issue I run into is that I don’t have dumbbells and can’t seem to make my mind up to get an olympic dumbbell handle or spin locks and what is going to be the most cost effective. My question is can I do a lighter barbell bench press instead? The book says any pushing or pulling movement can be used but I wasn’t sure if doing a barbell bench press was going to work or be overkill?

If the book says any pushing movement can be used, then a barbell bench press certainly fits the bill

Just do Bench Press 5x5 @ FSL with a barbell instead.

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Been looking in to your log.
You could do some BP sets of 10 light weight on day A in stead of DB bench.
Or do dips or push ups.
I suppose it’s the first option in the beyond book of full body you are using. A bit further down is a version full body full boring.
So yes by all means do Bench on the A workout.

Yes I have been doing the fist one in beyond. I may have read the full boring but not sure why I decided against it. So far I am liking this routine but like I said if I give up my gym membership I am limited to what I can and can’t do. I also for the life of me couldn’t recall what another pressing motion was without dumbbells or a barbell. For the rows I knew I could do barbell rows or get a landmine and row with the bar that way but the pressing was an issue. Thanks for the answer as this has given me enough answers to stop looking for dumbbells and getting to my home gym for starters

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