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Full Body Template 5/3/1 Sets and Reps Progression?


Hey guys, the full body template in the second edition ( page 79 ), I’d like to know when it says 5/3/1 sets and reps, do I cycle through as usual, with increasing percentages and if so, what happens after the one week, do I deload, or do I reset to the same percentages, as I see the first phase needs to run for eight weeks. I hope I’m making sense haha.


If its the one I’m thinking of (don’t have the book on me atm) it is the one where you do squat bench dead on week one then ohp squat bench week two dead ohp squat week three and bench dead ohp week four correct? If so, run it as usual and your cycle is over after 8 weeks if you run two cycles btb. Do a deload after that.


Squat 3 times a week, once as 5/3/1, the other 2 are at lower %ages, with the other 3 lifts as normal 5/3/1.

As it’s 8 weeks for one phase I’m just not sure of the 5/3/1 %ages each week through the cycle. Eg week 1 is 5 week by 65,75,85, then goes up each week til the 1 week. For this full body it’s meant to be done for 8 weeks, so I’m not sure how to plan the %ages over the 8 weeks.


Ah ok, I get it, so 2 back to back 5/3/1 cycles = one 8 week phase?.


Yes. The phases increase in volume and intensity as you progress. You’ll see that with the squat work. The % increase in phase 2 and the reps decrease (on the non 5/3/1 days). I’m doing the same program now. As far as I can tell it’s the normal 5/3/1 progression. After week 4 add weight to your TM and continue.