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Full Body / TBT with a Barbell & Rack


I'm in a situation where the only gym equipment i have is:
a barbell with up to 250kgs
a cablerack + pull up possibilities
bench, squat and power rack.
+ 10 12 17 22,5kg DBs

I have been using a lot of time now searching the forums and cant seem to find a FB program which i feel good about due to the cheap gym.

So if any of you are willing in putting / sharing a program i would be thankful!

About me:

I have 3 days a week available.
My goal is mainly to gain strength.
I have been training a 2-split for 1 year until 6 months ago.

Thanks and best regards


5/3/1 and add your assistance work to make it closer to a FB routine.

Wendler also has a 5/3/1 full body routine for beginners on his site.


What exactly are you looking for in a full-body routine? Is it just because you have such limited equipment that you don't think you'd be able to fill up a workout with meaningful exercises doing anything else?


Im just looking for some standard program A A A or A B A whatever.. It's just because i lack in knowledge about exercises, and then its a hell for me to something together for the specefic gym im in now.

In other words : throw a program that you think is possible to do for my situation with equipment - then ill be following that for 12 weeks at least.

Im thinking some good ol compound exercises and a few other not so much compound :slight_smile:

Best regards


5/3/1 Full Body Training



You have everything you need to get stronger in terms of equipment. Any of the 5x5 style programs will work also, there are quite a few variations out there.


Think ill be trying this after the TBT article from CW ( http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/totalbody_training )


Chest: Flat BB BP

Back: Pull Ups

Dels: Standing MP

Quads: Front Squad

Low Back Hips: Trad DL

Single-Joint Exercises:

Delts: Frontside raises with DB or plates

Calv: Standing Calf raises

Think its ok?


Do this!


Front squats do not replace back squats. The 5/3/1 full body that has been linked would be a great place to start.


Yes they do. Nothing wrong with a little more quad emphasis if he's gonna do deadlifts right after.


I guess I should have been a little bit more specific. What I mean is that I would never cut out back squats completely from a strength training regimen; I guess I just see it as one of those necessary things. For me, there's nothing like having a bar on my back, and he just doesn't have that anywhere.



Im going to read alot about all this 5 3 1 stuff - and im gonna do it!

Is it correct that its like a template where you can add some other exercises like chin ups, tri ex ect ect. if you feel for it?


The program has four main exercises; the squat, deadlift, bench press and military press. The basic premise of the program is to get stronger on all four lifts. The remainder of your workout sessions can be filled with accessory work to complement the main lifts, bring up weak spots etc. BUT make sure that the accessory work does not interfere with the main lifts, don't go over board or be too concerned with it. I highly recommend you buy the book it has everything you need to know.


I saw it was only 19 dollars or supm like that.

Going to buy it as soon as i gets back from holidays

After reading alot about it, it makes goooood sense!

Thanks - might post some questions later!