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Full Body: Substitute DB Bench w/ BB?


How would one do that in the best way? Choose an arbitrary weight and just go ahead and do 5x10 or should i use a % of my tm? If so, what?

Also, im sorry if my English arent the best, it´s not my first language.


Yes, you can do this. Sets/reps you do is entirely dependent on what part of a cycle you are on.


There are about a dozen or so sets/reps you can do with this, only those come to mind. You can find all of them in all the articles I’ve written that detail this very thing. The point is, you just don’t pick one. That’s amateur hour. Pick one that fits in your 5/3 schedule.


Point taken.

But, the thing is, i really dont know if what i been doing, and planned to do makes sence.
Ive been using the bbb(same lift, same day) for 6 weeks, then deload, and then used the full body template for 6 weeks to regain some strenght which seems to be dropping during the bbb phase. Does this make any sence or am i completly off?

If i were to countinue this, would i program the full body so that i do the fsl work from wednesday bench primary work on monday instead of dumbell bench press? 5x5?
The ssl was i planning to use for a couple of weeks when i reset next time.