Full Body Starting Strength 5/3/1 and 5/3/1 with NOV Conditioning?

I have been lifting weights for 4 years with poor form, technique, and imbalanced training program. Just moved to the 5/3/1 program and am slowly implementing the NOV conditioning and I really like everything so far. My rep maxes are:

Deadlift: 255lb
Squat: 245lb
Bench: 240lb
Overhead press: 175

Are these low enough that I should be doing the 5/3/1 fullbody? Or do I stick with the 5/3/1 normal routine? Additionally, My overhead press is pretty strong already so I am not sure what to do instead of O.P. for that training day. Chest work?

I should also add that after 2 months of the program, I have added 10lb to my Training max (as instructed). With the weight/rep calculator when I did this my overall 1RM seems to have increased by 5lbs


No idea what you are asking. Just do 5/3/1. Any template that will complement your goals.

Again, not sure what you are saying or why!

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Im asking if my lift maxes are low enough to benefit more from a fullbody workout as oppose to squat once a week, bench once a week etc.

As for the fullbody vs 5/3/1 - Do what fits your scheduel best.

As for the Press - Keep it in. Your press arent strong until you press 310 pounds. And no, I don’t therefor I keep it in until I do so.

I don’t understand your question about TMs. Sorry.

Again, no idea what you are asking. What does one have to do with the other?

Hi Dojo

The weight that you can lift has nothing do to, with wich program you should do.

If you can lift 4 times pr week, I would just do a normal 5/3/1 routine, either 5’s pro og pr lifts. Then I would do FSL for 5 sets of 5.
Then assistance 50 reps push (push ups or dips) 50 reps pull (pull ups/chin ups or a row variant), then some ab work or lunges for about 50 reps.
If you can lift 3 times pr week you could do one of the many 3 days a week full body templates or you could just do the normal 531 routine and spread it over 4 week instead of 3.
Be smart and use your 5 rep max as the TM.

I would keep to full body until recovery is not possible. But then I always liked full body work outs.
Short answer - all the while you can recover keep doing it.

So Fullbody workouts are just for beginners?

NO they are not.

No - but as you progress full body can be more difficult to maintain.

I’m happy to be set right but in my experience:
Texas method (a go to full body work out that I done) is hard to get over in time for your next work out. Even with the mid week rest. 5x5 bench and squat and 1x5 dead lift on the same day killed me. Where as doing 5/3/1 squats and bench on back to back days was “easier”.
I would often still find Wednesday hard. Even with good/great sleep and food.
Friday was okay but rest and recovery over the two days off was again difficult. I could start Monday feeling crap.

Next was my intensity. Getting up for 5x5 bench, squat, and 5x1 deadlifts. I burnt out. 1 or more would suffer. Again the same on Friday. 2xpr on one day. Not easy.

Lastly. Time. Rest increases with effort. I found the amount of time I needed for a work out got too long. 11 work sets made my work out 1h long. Even with no assistance. Which could make another reason it’s hard to keep making gains with no assistance.

So no fully body is not for beginners - I will return to full body one day but the stronger I got the harder it was to do.

Your rep maxes are low enough where if I were you I would be doing something more along the lines of starting strength where you are adding weight from workout to workout. There is a lot of information available online for specifics about the program. You have plenty to milk out of a linear progression program at those weights.