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Full Body Squat-Push-Hinge-Pull Program Critique?

Coach, Guys
As I mentioned in title - I would like to ask for program critique. I know it is not the best place to do it (I have read CT opinion on that) but acctually it is only forum I read. So for me - best place to ask for advice. Well in worst case this topic remains answerless…

After couple of weeks training on singles I decided to go back to little bit more reps. I have built my training around squat push hinge pull sceleton. Goal - strength without compromising size (I have got diet matter to solve but it is other issue).
3 x a week training.

front squat - triples progression (my name for 4x3 at 70% next week 5x3 at 80% / 2x3 at 75% / 3x3 at 85%)
military press - 3x8
deficit deadlift with pause - light - 3x5
db row/seal row 3x10-12
biceps isolation stuff for 3 sets (mechanical drop set usually)

front squat - 3x8
dips weighted - 3x5
deadlift - triples progression
chins - 30 reps (something like 6x5 reps increasing reps or with time - adding weight)
delts isolation - 3 sets

front squat paused - 3x5 (5 to 7 sec pause)
push press - triples progression
rdl - 3x8
barbell rows - 3x10-12
triceps isolation - 3 sets

How do you find that?

That’s a fine exercise selection and similar to what I Do now. But I don’t go below six reps on anything.

Why the front squat three times per week?

Why front squat?

  1. I really DO love front squats. My favourite squat variation.
  2. I do believe that practise makes perfect - hence I would like to train this lift as often as possible
  3. Although all my love - it is my wekest lift!
  4. I do not back squat for ages - lower back issues from back squatting (suprisengly no problems with deadlifting at all)
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