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Full Body Spinal Tap


I’ve been using spinal tap with good results. I’ve read a lot about high frequency at equal volumes being better for strength gains. I was wondering what something like this would work:

         Day 1     Day 2.   Day 3.  Day 4

Squat 5/3/1 Deload 5’s 3’s
Bench. Deload. 5’s. 3’s. 5/3/1
Deads. 5’s. 3’s. 5/3/1. Deload
Press. 3’s. 5/3/1. Deload. 5’s

Using 5’s progression across the board, so keepin. Things far from failure. Thoughts?


Have you started this yet? I don’t see how you could manage to dead and squat 4 times a week with 3 being on the heavier side for a long period of time. How long have you been training, how old are you, etc.


Frequency is something that is hyped nowadays. It looks good on paper, but in reality it is not always the answer. More is not better in every situation.


I agree about the frequency especially with deadlifts, I’ve adjusted my program to deadlift once per week and only the 5/3/1 sets. The strength gains are much better with reduced frequency.


Probably not a good idea.


I did like you, are read that increasing frequency would serve me better. I did the 5’s Pro with 5x5 @ FSL. The FSL sets was done with oppisite lift than the main lift, so like this:
Day 1
Squat - 5’s Pro
Deadlift - FSL 5x5

The results? I sucked. I changed my thoughts and did every thing Jim wrote. Exactly like he wrote. Lastly I stopped searching for “new training tips” and so on, and limited the information I received to two experts, one being Jim Wendler ofcourse.
The results from this was, and still is, that I’ve never been stronger and more consistent, ever, in my life.