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Full Body Schedule


Hello Mr Wendler, I saw you posted this as a possible setup in another thread…

Monday - Squat - 5/3/1 work sets, shoot for a PR on last set

Wednesday - Squat - FSL, 5X5

Friday - FSL x Widowmaker

I was interested in setting up a template like this to run for a few cycles but was wondering on what days to put the other main lifts as well as assistance lifts and repetitions. I was thinking this:

Monday - Squat, 5/3/1 work sets, shoot for a PR on last set
- Press, FSL, 5x5
- Chins x 50
- Dips x 50
- Abs x 50

Wednesday - Squat, FSL, 5x5
- Deadlift, 5/3/1
- Bench, 5/3/1
- Rows x 50
- Curls x 50

Friday - Squat, FSL x Widowmaker
- Press, 5/3/1
- Chins x 50
- Face Pulls x 50
- Abs x 50

Are there any changes you would suggest for this template?


You may want to split up deadlift and bench. I combine press and and deadlift or cleans on Friday. 5/3/1 bench and 5/31 deadlift same day would be tough at least for me, but maybe it will work for you. Good luck.


This IS ONLY TO BE DONE AFTER a reset. AND ONLY DONE for 2-3 cycles. That is it. You extend and you can kiss bar speed, strength goodbye.

Monday -

Squat - 5x5/3/1
Press - 5x5 FSL
Dips/Rows - 100
Abs - 50

Wednesday -

Squat, FSL, 5x5
Deadlift - 5’s PRO
Bench - 5’s PRO
Chins x 50
Abs x 50

(if you are smart, you’d do one chin up, then one hanging leg raise and repeat, Do this for 50 total reps. Easy and efficient.)


Squat, FSL x Widowmaker
Press - 5’s PRO
Dips/Rows x 100
Abs x 50

Conditioning x 2 hard days/week (NO MORE). Recovery work done 3 days/week. Easy conditioning done 3-4 days/week.


Thank you. For the easy conditioning I will do the airdyne bike for 3-4 days a week but what do you recommend for the recovery work? A bodyweight circuit and mobility work? Maybe chins, pushups, bodyweight squats, and abs along with the agile 8?


Also could you explain 5X5/3/1. Is that like 5’s PRO? Thanks.