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Full Body Scanners and a Pilot's Refusal to Search


So here's the story, a commercial pilot refuses to go through the full body scanner (scatter/ short wave radiation system). Supposedly these things can go through clothing and produce near naked images. Also the systems allow the scanners to store and send images. What do you guys think of this? Honestly my opinion, I don't really care, I've gone through a lot of them and don't really mind. I'm not sure how there is a constitutional violation here.

Story: http://news.yahoo.com/video/politics-15749652/pilot-refuses-full-body-scan-22579959

And well in an effort to avoid a "Tits or GTFO!" here is an image from a body scanner which is all over the net:


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I've flown twice since they've been in place and been randomly scanned twice :stuck_out_tongue:

It doesn't really bother me for modesty's sake but it is still a violation of privacy and completely unnecessary IMO. And I didn't get to see the pictures!


I would certainly 'randomly' scan you.


Pretty much what I mean by "violation of privacy" is Constitutionally. I can see for modesty or violation of personal privacy ya I agree they can be. I really need to work on how I word my openings


That image is a fake - several of the "shocking" scanner photos are fake.



How the hell do people find these things....


They can, it is called a cavity search, but it takes too long to do it to every customer.


I'd just pop viagra before I flew. Heard it helps circulate the blood to your brain.


Ha ya walk though the scanner with a sarcastic grin and pull a captain morgan in the machine....make it fun for everyone


I agree with the pilots decision not to go through the whole scanner because well..... nobody does whole body scanners. It makes no sense. All the big guys use body part scanners done 5+ times a week.


Overwhelming urge to say that........yes