Full Body Routine

Hi, i’m a beginner on a FB 5x5 routine. I’m doing squat - bench - dead. I’m just wondering how far can you really take this, not so much in terms of time as we all progress at different rates, but in terms of weight being lifted before squatting and dead lifting on the same day 3 x week is just too much. I started Monday and I already feel like my dead lift will progress slower because I’m squatting before. I love dead lifting, and I believe I have a good relationship with this lift already and I want to excel at it, so I don’t want the progress to suffer.

Here’s my lifts - Including bar weight.

Squat - 100kg - This is my actual 1RM. I started too heavy with this ( 90% ) and i’m going to have to come down to 80% to make progress. 5,3,3. I stopped here because I was no longer hitting parallel and form was awful.

Bench - 78kg - This is estimated. I did 5 reps with 65kg and had 2 left in the tank.
I got 5,5,5,5,4 at 65KG.

Dead - 146kg - Estimated. I did 5 reps and reckon I had 1 more in me. I managed to get 5,5,5,3,3 with 130KG. Should I keep going with this weight Friday or should I go with 80% on all three lifts ? I know already 80% at this weight won’t be a challenge for me though.

Do the experienced guys look at the beginner thread or should I post this somewhere else ?

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Anyone ?

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Yes, they do. Unfortunately for you, I am not one of them :joy:

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But you just did.

Most be like high school on here, where people get rep for being a twat.


Your good, experience guys drop in …from time to time.

2 things…
I would suggest doing deads once a week
Forget using % at this stage.


Cheers for input.

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No rep here amigo. Was actually just being light hearted and friendly… Guess the world does need douche bags though.

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Deadlift 1x5 and alternate with barbell rows 5x5.Better recovery.



It’s the 1st stage of Reg Parks BB routine. My recovery is fine at the moment. But I think when I start puling 3 plates for reps and squatting 2 this will change. I expect to be pulling 3 plates for 5x5 in the next 3 weeks and this is supposed to be a 3 month phase.

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You are right.5x5 deadlifts will affect your other lifts specially the
squat when you progress to 3 plates.


Yeah. I just wanted conformation for how far you could take this routine, because I definitely don’t think i’ll get three months at it.

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This type of program has survived and produced results for going-on 80 years. It works just fine, unless you screw it up.

For context, what’s your height, weight, general bodyfat, and current goal?

Based on what you wrote, you’re not actually doing Park’s version of 5x5. He suggested “5x5”, but the first two sets are warm-ups with progressively heavier weight and the last three sets use the working weight with a full 3-5 minutes rest between sets. This article, taken straight from the book Reg Park wrote, explains his plan.

There are a few different ways to run a “5x5 program” and each one has its own pros/cons and twists on programming. Understand what you’re doing or you’ll spin your wheels.

This is worth repeating. Shocker to many new lifters, but not every effective program needs to work off a 1RM percentage. Base the weight off your actual performance. In Park’s program, specifically, he advocated never hitting muscular failure. So you should always be able to get your 5 reps or, if you can’t, you shouldn’t fail mid-rep so always keep one in the tank.


Wednesday was my 1st day attempting to get 5 x 5. Now that I have my abilities figured out I will be attempting 5 sets across at 80%. For the exceptions of squat I know i’ll be able to complete all 5 sets of 5. Squats is a maybe.

I’m 5 11 - 12.5 stone - about 15%BF - 27 in two weeks.

Yeah, but I just didn’t like the idea of ramping sets. What’s your own opinion on the benefits of doing it that way instead of sets across ?

Current goal is to have a 4 plate squat, a 3 plate bench and a 5 plate dead within 18 months.

yea, i just don’t like following good advice. I’d rather arbitrarily alter a proven program on a whim.

i’m joking there. kinda. but in all seriousness, I don’t think I understand your question. You said this is working for you now. So maybe keep doing it until it doesn’t work anymore, and then change? I’m not really sure that anyone can tell you when it will stop working for you. If you feel fine and you’re progressing at a rate that is satisfactory to you, you should keep doing the same thing until this is no longer the case.

But 5 x 5 can be done in various ways. I just preferred to follow sets across.

Yh my question is a bit muddled.

Basically I started on Monday ( i figured out 1RM )

On Wed I had my 1st attempt at 5 x 5

Tomorrow is workout 3.

I wasn’t expecting to be starting out half way to my over all goal. I’m just wondering is doing the big 3 three times per week more suitable to people starting out with the bar or with very light weight.

my answer is still the same. If it’s working for you, that’s all that matters. Everybody’s different, man. Some people can squat every day. Some people squat once a week. Some people bench a couple times a week. I’ve tried that and it destroyed me. So there is no universal answer to your question. I think that I could sort of answer it generally by saying yes, if you’re starting with just the bar, then there is no risk of over-taxing your system, and you can deadlft 3x a week. It’s probably also accurate to say that being more advanced may make you less likely to respond this type of training well. But there is no specific number where you make that transition from it being a good idea to a bad idea.


The biggest difference in ramping vs straight sets is the total volume and workload. If you’re sticking with 5x5 at the same weight, one way to manage recovery is the heavy-light-medium system. So you stick with the same sets/reps, but the load changes each workout. That’s also a way to squeeze more progress, and allow recovery, when you start moving heavier weights.

The Texas Method is another sort of-5x5/sort of-big three program that tons of guys see good results with. But that’s something to consider down the road a bit.

Also, You’re going to have to eat to recover, of course. Inadequate nutrition is where many guys screw up strength-focused programs.

One more thing to address…

[quote]I managed to get 5,5,5,3,3 with 130KG.
I expect to be pulling 3 plates for 5x5 in the next 3 weeks[/quote]
5x5 with 315 is not going to happen in 3 weeks when you just didn’t get 5x5 with 285, so adjust your expectations. It sounds like you’re over-eager and in a rush to progress. Trying to go too heavy too soon will grind everything to a halt real quick. Don’t focus on “add 10 pounds to the bar every week and try to get 5x5.” It’s “add 10 pounds to the bar the week after I get 5x5 with this weight.” Big difference.


I disregarded ramping sets because I didn’t understand them, but I just read up on ramping sets last night and it turns out they’re more suitable to my goals than sets across.

I was trying 5 sets across with 85% which was just too much. Today I went with 65% - 75% and 3 x 85% and completed all 3 sets on all 3 exercises.

Now on Monday I will increase the weight.

I’ve lowered my expectations to having a 5RM with 3 plates in 3 weeks. I’m 10kg away from it, and have 6 workouts to achieve it.